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Failed order

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Ordered a month in advance for broadband and TV  as I was leaving sky for talk talk. Suppose to be installed yesterday . Friday rang up to confirm it was still coming . Told me it was . Monday no sign so rang up to he told my order failed , was never contacted in the 4 weeks since I placed my order . Was giving the run around on the phone by customer service and the fibre team . Asked if I could speak to a manager , told no as it was a inbound only department. Kept apologising on the phone but not once did they help fix the problem . Very frustrated as it is too late to go back to sky  as they already started the disconnection procedure. The person compensated my £20 on the phone but I told her I had to buy a mobile broadband router for £50 then another £20 for unlimited data . Still not heard from talk talk to help my situation 


Seen this had happened to a few customers which is annoying. Wish I just stayed with sky 


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I still don't know why the order failed . It was just a new sign up for fibre 150 broadband. 


No order number was given just a email saying I can login to my account and a direct debit email. All the information I was given on the phone was it failed. The credit check went through fine when signing up . Just really frustrated on how they never contacted me regarding my account just to say it failed . Even though I spoke to them on the Friday and the reassured me my installation would be happening yesterday.




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@Annoyed10  has the order failed because of an administrative or provisioning issue ?


What product have you ordered and is it a takeover of a service via the phone line or a new Future Fibre installation ?


Were you ever provided with an order number ?


If so, add that to your community profile in the Private Notes along with your TT allocated phone number, if applicable.


Very occasionally orders are cancelled because the customer fails a credit check.