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Large File Uploads on OneDrive cause internet service interuption

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have seen this question before but not seen any resolution.   When I sync large files up to OneDrive using OneDrive from a windows 10 machine, after a period of time the internet stops for downloading although the onedirve service still shows uploading at 1.1Mb/sec.  The files are betwen 500M and 1.4G and totla uploads can be as big as 80Gb.  The uploads will do 10 or 15gb efore the ingernet stops for the house.  Here are some salient points


1. The PC doing the uploads is wired to the router.  The router has WIfi turned off since the house wifi is a Ubiquiti Wifi System, also wired into the router.

2. The router is a HG635 Hw Version 1.01 and at software 1.14t.  I have never been impressed with this router, setting up port orwasrding as hit and miss and it oesnt even support the full wifi character set for passwords (every other device I have in the house needed to have their passwords changed when I originally used wifi on it)

3. Stopping the uploads solves the issue, or breaking it into 15Gb chunks and then waiting before scheduling another upload set

4. The router logs show nothing at all in any message category

5. My broadband package is Fibre35


UPDATE: As luck or the opposite would have it, I had restarted uploads after the issue ovvured overnight, and the same happened making this site dissappear and all other sites, no response from even a ping from in the network.  I paused synching and within two minutes all is back to normal.  The router reported no issues during this outage, insisting that the internet was up.


Eveything I am seeing is pointing towards a router issue.  Has anyone else seen this,  Is this the latst Talktalk router?  Given the price rises allow me to move to an alternative provider I feel that it is time to fix this or move on (problem has existed for a year or so)




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I stopped all uploads and streaming TVs and did a speed check.  36mbps down and 9 mbps up.  So for 1.1, even allowing for 80% overhead, to choke the download doesn't feel right.   Even if I assume that I am uploading at just under 2Mbs, this is about 22% of my 9mbps capacity and shouldn't choke the download speeds.   


I saw that others had this issue, it is quote common but there were no solutions.   Lets see how the lower speed test goes.  I did reboot the router because unlike last night when service was disrupted after a few hours, this morning it was almost instantaneous so a router reboot was needed to even get things started.


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Hi southcoastri 


The maximum theoretical upload would be limited by the Fibre 35 product at 10mbps. 


Try the TalkTalk speed check at and you'll see a result for downstream and upstream speeds.

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Thanks for the tip.   I have to say that 1.1mbps (as reported by OneDrive) doesn't sound anywhere near maximum upload speed for Fibre35.  I am sure that if i did a speed test that it would be higher.   I also cant believe that the router wouldn't see excess uploads in a household and rate adjust to protect the QOS but hey if it doesn't , it doesn't.


However, I have manually adjusted the OneDrive upload speed to 900kpbs, 200kbps lower than the 1.1 it was reporting, and it is now uploading at a really slow 750 kbps.  I will see how this does for a 48 hour test.


Those upload speeds do look very low though.


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Hi @southcoastri 


If OneDrive is maximising the usage of your upload capacity then it will stop downloads that require some upload capacity left to acknowledge the download.


This is why OneDrive has the ability to set the uploading rate and method.


The HG635 is running current software. It's a very capable router. I'm sure the Support team will offer you a Wi-Fi Hub for testing if you wish.

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