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Using a wifi range extender with Fast 5364 Router

First Timer

Hi - just upgraded to Faster Fibre and now using TalkTalk TV (instead of sky). My old setup included a wifi range extender (Netgear WN3000RP) which used to sit beside the TV and sky box - as the original router was in another room with my PC. This allowed TV to connect directly to Netflix and my kids to pick up boosted signal on PS4 in bedrooms. 


Now however, I can't replicate this setup and instead I am using the mains wifi connection system  - and connecting the talktalk TV directly by Ethernet cable via the power mains connection system.

When I connect the wifi range extender in another room (all green lights / ready to go etc.) there is no wifi signal coming from it. On a mobile phone - you can still connect directly to 5364 router (when in the same room - but not much further) and when you look for the wifi extension you can then connect to it (it shows as connected on phone) - but there is no internet signal / unable to browse. So kids have no PS4 in bedrooms - not good!

I read in another post that the HomeSafe settings were interfering with connecting to the router - do these need to be turned off ? Only scam protection is ON - and you have to call TalkTalk to get is turned off ...??

Are there other settings that need to be turned off?

I am reluctant to buy another set of mains power internet connections and then plug directly into PS4 - as this will restrict other wifi devices upstairs and may not work anyway?

My best guess - is that the 5364 and the wifi extender have successfully connected using WPS buttons, but the router is then not allowing a signal to be sent to the wifi extender - if this is correct, I have no idea how to remedy it. 

Any help suggestions very welcome 😊

Cheers - Alan


PS - router had to be rebooted day 1 and again today as there was no connection. The above issues are all current when connected etc. - hence the email as this PC is directly connected to router by Ethernet cable.

Community Team



Homesafe will not affect the wifi signals or connectivity within the home, this is external and will block certain websites but would not affect the overall connection.


Can you add your home number to your Community Profile so I can take  look at the overall connection from here.