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VPN Stopped Working

First Timer
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Hi, I have several VPN connections that stopped working Thursday 2nd Dec. My broadband is working fine. If I hotspot to my phone or use my neighbors network all VPN work as they should. I have 4 different laptops all have been affected in the same way. My IT service provider has checked all my settings and said they are all correct and have said it’s an issue with my talktalk network and the fact the VPN’s work on any other network other than my talktalk network seems to point to that being the issue. This has worked for the last 2.5 years with no issues and then stopped working on the 2nd of Dec, no one else in our company has the problem other than me connecting to VPN's and I only have the issue when connected through my router. Talktalk have sent a new router and I still get exactly the same issue with the new router. I’ve tired connection via an ethernet cable from my laptops and I still get the same issue.


I’ve spent hours on the phone to tech support at talk talk and they have said there is no issue and VPN’s are not blocked. I’ve been told there is nothing else they can do to resolve the issue. I’ve asked to cancel my contract with them so I can go to another provider and they want £108 for early termination of contract.


The amount of hours I’ve spent the last week trying to resolve this issue is ridiculous. I’ve being cut off at least 6 times during calls, promised call backs that never happen, spent up to 4 hours on a single call, I even raised a complaint, so I’d get a call in a max of 72 hours which also never happened. Later I found out that the complaint I’d raised never got logged on the system.


I really don’t know what to do next! My IT service provider say everything is fine their end and that it’s a talktalk issue (which I agree with as all my VPN work on any other network) and talk say there is no issue with their connection. So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, paying for a service that’s not working that I cant use and cant cancel without paying a fee to get out of.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks Carl

Carl Palmer

Support Team
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Hi Carl


Apologies for this. Our Products Team are investigating a potential issue with the firmware.


I have ordered you a different router, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.





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Hi @eagle203205,


You will need to start your own topic for the staff to be able to help, as they can only help one customer per topic.

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Having a similar problem, been into IT department, everything working fine there and other networks




Support Team
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Can you please update your community profile to include your:

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We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated.