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Forgotten Email Password

First Timer

Would appreciate assistance. Recently, I decided to change the passwords on my email addresses.  When I came to do this in My Account, I couldn’t proceed, because I’d lost the original passwords. I went through the procedure of the system sending me a ‘change password’ link.  Unfortunately, the system sent the link to an unknown email address.

Over the past three weeks, I’ve had numerous Chats with TalkTalk Agents, with no result.  I spent another hour this morning talking on Chat, trying to get the matter resolved. In addition, I can’t delete any of the email accounts from My Account.  The addresses are *** and ***    Regards jfmiow

Community Star

Hi @jfmiow 


I'll alert the TalkTalk team to say that you need Reset details setting up for the mailbox so that you have an alternative email address and a mobile number for one or the other to receive a password change link.


And that you need a new password for the email address.  I assume this hasn't yet been upgraded to the new TalkTalk Mail platform but let us know if it has as that will then also need Reset details setting up.


Check your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes your name, current TalkTalk landline 'phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended) and address with postcode (location). Add, then scroll down to Private notes and add the email addresses, to positively confirm those, and then save changes. The TalkTalk Community Team OCE will then be able to link to your TalkTalk service account.


But if you can recover the passwords from the saved logins of an Internet Browser or the Password Manager of an email client like Thunderbird then you can sign in to your TalkTalk mailbox here, and you can set up Reset details yourself.  Update your reset details is an option on the main TalkTalk Mail menu (triple line icon on the right side of the header - or cog icon on the mobile version).

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

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@Gondola   Thank you for the prompt response to my problem.  The Homecall address has not yet been upgraded.  I use it as my default address and consequently it controls entry to My Account.  Regards jfmiow 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi jfmiow,


I've sent you a PM to confirm some details