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Email won't send

Trevor H
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Over the period of last weekend and since, (it's now Thursday), I sent a small number of emails and was surprised to have no response. Last night I noticed errors in my email application (windows live mail), indicating mail not sent.

I checked further and found all my emails from the wekend and later were still in my outbox. A check on error messages had a heading saying "Settngs for your outgoing (SMTP) server might ned to be configured", but I've not changed anything and it was working fine last week.

A further eror message indicated "Server Error 453", and "Server response: 453.4.1.1 Too many recipients (TT502).

Have talktalk messed around with their server? Can anyone offer me a solution to this? I tried adjusting my SMTP port to 587 (I think) instead of the original 25 it had been set on, but this didn't improve things.

I also tried sending a test email to myself using webmail and this too said that one person is "too many recipients"

I have tried sending from different talktalk email address I have, and from two different computers.. all fail to send...


I am now unable to write to anyone!!


Somebody advise me!!

(I can still receive emails with no problems!!)


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Hi Trevor H, the best way to reset an email password is through the Password Reset Tool in webmail, if you're not happy to use that then use the stand alone version of the Password Reset Tool



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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There are two ways to change an email password.

  1. via your customer MyAccount
  2. via the Forgotten password route

Managing your email in My Account you need to know the current password to effect a successful password change and you'll see a green banner indicating the password has been changed.

The Forgotten password button in the help article Changing your email password will take you to password reset and recovery.  If the email address is still active on the TalkTalk Mail platform and you have set up password recovery options you can send your alternate email address a link or your mobile a 6-digit code to authorise a password reset.


If you don't complete your Community profile with your customer details, telephone number so they can identify your account and email addresses then how do you expect any support.


My support ends here.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Trevor H
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All webmail services are useless as they take far to long to load in the first place and then to open up the individual email you wish to read... THIS IS NOT AN OPTION I'M EVEN PREPARED TO CONSIDER.

The password change was done through a facility on the website where I logged in to my primary acount and it listed all other email addresses linked to that account. I tried to change each one, and the corresponding password on my windowslive/outlook programs. All email address change requests on the acount page failed..I don't know why.

And why on earth do I need to have so kind of community profile to receive support? I'm sure that talktalk are not going to refuse me assistance on the basis of my gender, race or because I have long hair...


This entire system of "customer support" is a farce... why can't someone phone up a help desk and speak to an employee of the company?!!!


Sorry Gondola... but this is a joke!!! I'll try to find a phone number tomorrow... and when they resolve my fault I'll consider paying their bills!


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Hi Trevor


If you have a supported version of Outlook ie Outlook 2013 or newer or use the latest Thunderbird or other current mail app then that's good.


TalkTalk Mail webmail does auto-refresh every few minutes and you can set the refresh period to longer time intervals from 5 to 30 minutes to suit your needs.


How did you make the password change?  Via your MyAccount?  Or via the Forgotten password route that sends a resent link to an alternate email address or mobile? You need to allow say 5 minutes for the password change to get to the TalkTalk Mail platform to update the mail servers.


You don't appear to have updated your Community profile. When TalkTalk Support pick up this topic how are they going to help you?


By continuing to use WLM you're putting the security of yourself and the usage all other genuine users of the mail platform at risk. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Trevor H
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Thank you again for your comments Gondola.... I will say here and now that I intend to continue using stand alone email software of the style of windows live and outlook as I really don't have time to wait for talktalk's webmail to vaguely consider launching, logging in and maybe within the next half an hour, showing me an email.

Likewise, standalone programs will do a continual refresh so you are always up to date with responses. If you can suiggest a suitable alternative to widows ive that I can install then please let me know as I'm NOT going to use the dreadful webmail service. (all other web based email services are just as slow and useless!!)

Further to this, on your recommendation I have now gone through on the talktalk webiste and changed the passwords for ALL of my accounts, in view of your worrying comments that someone has hacked me and is sending spam from my account...

As a result of this, I now cannot receive any emails on ANY of my accounts, despite amending the passwords on the windows live/outlook programs to mirror the password change... so many thanks for that... now I'm unable to receive emails either..

I will now return to my original comment I aded in a PS to my post... WHY CAN'T I PHONE TECHNICAL SUPPORT?!!!!




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Hi Trevor


You need to consider that your mail has been compromised and your devices need scanning with anti-virus and anti-malware security products to make sure they're free of password grabbing virus, trojan or malware. Then change the passwords of each mail account to a unique and ultra-strong password that's completely different for each email address.


Then stop using the security risk that is inherent in Windows Live Mail. Microsoft stopped providing security support on 10 Jan 2017 so over 4 years ago. Furthermore, the product does not support TLS1.2 encryption security that is the minimum recommended.


453 4.1.1 Too many recipients (TT502) Exceeded email limit in the last 24 hour is the fault report.  So if you haven't been sending hundreds of mail messages someone else has and using your mailbox to do so.  The sending block may well stay on for days if there is continued attempts to send from your mailbox.


So the sooner you get a security scan of your devices and change the email passwords to lock out the hackers...


Prepare for TalkTalk Mail Support by including in your Community Profile:

  • Your name, current TalkTalk home 'phone number. An alternative (mobile preferred) contact number. Full address with postcode (Location)
  • Scroll down to Private notes to add your email address(es), notes and reference etc
  • After checking and updating, Save changes

Select here: Update your profile


Let us know what email devices you're using and what operating systems they have. We can point you to current email software as well as TalkTalk mail webmail that will be better at keeping your mail secure.  But as always, the password strength is paramount.


We're seeing a number of users not receiving mail messages because their email client software is still using out of date (not recognised) legacy server host name and maybe insecure port settings. The email client software / app requires updating to replace the out of date settings.


The TalkTalk email settings for all mailboxes managed by TalkTalk Consumer are those given in the TalkTalk Mail Support Hub


Help page: Email settings - IMAP & POP3


On updating the email software incoming, outgoing and some advanced server settings, you'll possibly be asked to accept a new certificate (yes, accept) and to enter the email password so have the current password ready. Tick to save the password before entering it.


Supported* email client and app settings are:

Account Type  IMAP (recommended) or POP3
Username Full email address
Password Email password
Incoming mail server
Incoming Port (IMAP / POP3) 993 / 995
Incoming Connection Security SSL/TLS (Use SSL on for mobile)
Outgoing mail server
Outgoing Port 587
Outgoing Connection Security STARTTLS (Use SSL on for mobile)
Outgoing Authentication Required Yes
Authentication Method Normal Password


Apple/Mac Mail Connection Security is use TLS/SSL


It's also important to make sure the email address is added to a TalkTalk Consumer customer MyAccount to avoid restriction to webmail only access and possible deletion. 


Email not showing in MyAccount


* Email clients, apps and devices that do not support secure mail using a minimum of TLS1.2 connection security are not supported.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Trevor H
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An intersting idea Gondola... but checking through, I've sent 11 emails across all of my accounts since the 15th July... doesn't sound like a lot. Particularly when you also consider that one of my accounts I have not sent an email for a number of weeks and maybe sent 3 or 4 during this year... A test from that account had the same result... TOO MANY RECIPIENTS

The comment about using windows live mail I don't accept as it's been fine up to now and I can see only one recipient in the majority of mails I've sent.. (one email was sent to around 10 members of our club, 2 weeks ago).

Likewise the idea that this will be resolved in 24 hours is aloso not valid as this issue has now been continuing for 4 days at least, with me not sending a single message!


Any other thoughts?


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Hi Trevor


TT 502 means that your sending is rate limited for at least 24 hours because the system detected an unusually high level of mail messages sent to recipients over the last 24 hours. 


The rate limiting will be fully reset in 24 hours and partially recovered in the run up to 24 hours from the last successful send. Any sending during the next day will lower the sending limit prior to recovery of full sending ability. 


Are you sending from your TalkTalk home broadband connection?  Have you sent to hundreds of recipients?


I have to tell you that Windows Live Mail is a deprecated product not supported by Microsoft and I cannot support your use of it. Especially not using an insecure mail connection where the contents and password of your mail can be discovered.


So long as you have a supported operating system and up to date browser you can use TalkTalk Mail webmail as that will give you a secure connection to your mailbox. 


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your email address and password, select Sign in.


If you have not caused the rate limiting then change your password because someone else might be using your mailbox. 


Please review your password strength and follow the advice here: Upgrade your legacy mail password to upgrade your email password.


GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Trevor H
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PS: Why is there no telephone number for talktalk technical support or reporting faults or issues with the service?!!!