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Microsoft and talktalktiscali emails problem since 13th March

Whizz Kid
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I have posted a couple of times and had replies about the failure of Microsoft and TalkTalk not communicating and subsequently my (and other's) email on New Outlook are now not being received or sent (stuck in drafts) ( only on New Outlook, works everywhere else).   I am starting afresh because quite honestly I have lost the will to live with this and need more information.


I have been told that Microsoft know about this but frankly I have no idea when or if it will be fixed. In the meantime I am having to use Webmail (or a suggestion was made to  set up Thunderbird).  I hate Webmail, but needs must.   However when trying to compose a new email I was constantly interrupted with a message that mails was failing to send and to save it or somesuch.   It took ages with spinning circle and really did not work.   I eventually went back to my New Outlook (failing) email and deleted the drafts that were in that folder.   Hopefully this sorts the Webmail issue.


That aside:    I have been told to remove my tiscali account (I currently have incorrect settings for tiscali) and add back using talktalk settings.    Can someone please let me know the exact details I have to put in   i.e. port, email address, password etc.


I am concerned that if I remove the account I will not  be able to re-add it because of the Microsoft issues.     I know it will not resolve the Microsoft issue.   Are these settings the ones required for New Outlook and if put in I am forever stuck with it (Old Mail, windows 10 had different settings if I recall).  


This whole thing is a complete and utter nightmare for me - to suddenly find a situation can happen outside of mere mortal's control is the pits.    There does not seem to be too much fuss about it other than the questions on this forum.   All I can hope for is that someone waves a magic wand and everything is  restored to normal very very quickly.




Support Team
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Hi GBy123, it would be easier for you if you kept all this in one thread so everyone can see the progress. The settings you need are in the Email Settings Help Article



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