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Problems accessing TalkTalk Webmail

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I'm posting on behalf of my parents. I'm an authorized user.


My parents have been unable to access TalkTalk Webmail for the last week or two. From their PC, the website just hangs, and doesn't give them a login screen. In case it's relevant, the website does give them a login screen, but then says "User is deactivated (AUTHORIZATION_0001)".


They're using Firefox on Windows 7, and they're using Webmail because the security on their email client isn't enough any more. (Mea culpa for not upgrading them.) On the other hand, I can successfully log into their Webmail from my own PC (Edge on Windows 10).


Can anyone explain, and suggest a solution? (Eg do I need to upgrade their security or operating system? Or has the TalkTalk server got grumpy with their IP address?)



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The full browser reset may well have been necessary. Good to know the parents are back in control.

I appreciate your time to let me know. Thank you.

GondolaCommunity Star 2017-2024

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Hi Gondola

Thank you very much for your reply. Although the cache and cookies didn't do the trick by themselves, it all worked once we cleared the active logins, site settings and offline website data as well. Thanks for the alert about multiple logins too - it doesn't seem to be affecting us at the moment, but I'll remember the possibility.

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Hi Tortoise1965 


Good to know that you can login to the parents' mailbox as that proves it's working as expected. But just a word of caution. The TalkTalk system doesn't much like multiple logins from geographically separated locations as that flags up a potential security issue. Obviously if you're not too far away and don't use a VPN that might have a more distant host server then the security alarm doesn't usually get triggered.


If the computer still has a history and cookies of using the temporary login website to the interim mail platform website address then that'll potentially stop a successful login to the migrated mailbox. So clear the browser history cache and cookies / do a browser reset and now the mailbox is migrated to the new look platform, revert to the normal login website address. 


Make sure Firefox is as up to date as Windows 7 will allow or for a quick check use a different browser, like Chrome or Edge and use this button:


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter the full TalkTalk Mail email address, select Continue and enter the password, select Sign in.


When successfully signed in then save that website as the new bookmark in the browser.

GondolaCommunity Star 2017-2024

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