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Should all Pipex users change their email passwords-advice please.

Whizz Kid
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Whilst quite a few users seem to have had scam emails claiming to have their pipex email passwords I haven't had one as yet but I do have a email.

Should I change my password anway?

What is TalkTalk's policy on the matter?


Community Star
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Hi @GEG63


Is your password ultra-strong?
  You can test password types in the how secure is my password website
  - aim for "hundreds or thousands of years to crack"

Is it totally unique, never used anywhere else?
  The same password with different numbers at the end doesn't count as totally unique


If the answer is no to either then do change the password.


Advice from CyberAware about passwords. Advice from GetSafeOnline about passwords.

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The key thing we need to know is did the email contain the correct password for that account, if not then I'd just put it down to regular spam email that can be ignored. If they did have the correct password for the account shown in the email then clearly something has compromised that user, now that doesn't necessarily mean Talk Talk have suffered a hack, it could just mean that particular user has fallen for a previous phishing email and entered their Pipex email address and password into a 'fake' site, thus giving their password to the people now sending these emails.


If Talk Talk are aware of any compromise of their system then under the new GDPR regulations they have to inform us as soon as possible by law.