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Tiscali emails not working

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i Have a tiscali email address and I can no longer send emails to myself even though they show as sent in the outbox.

My wife also has a tiscali address and it’s exactly the same with her email.

also sending tiscali emails to gmail accounts also are not recognised by gmail but once again they show as being sent in the sent folder.

This is exactly the same problem as I believe tiscali users were encountering a couple of weeks ago. It was sorted out by the talk talk technical team.

Any ideas ?


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Is this failure to send yourself mail messages happening via the webmail sign in?


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your full TalkTalk Mail tiscali email address, select Continue and enter the tiscali password, select Sign in.


Select New email and try a self send message to make sure it arrives in the Inbox.


Hopefully, following our last conversation you made sure there were no Rules defined in your mailbox so there should be nothing stopping mail from arriving in the Inbox. I've just tested that TalkTalk Mail is working although heads up that there is maintenance scheduled for overnight tonight.


If the failure is only when using an email client then tell us what device, what Operating system and what email software version you're using. And make sure you're using the recommended server host names NOT the legacy tiscali host names.

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