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Unable to see all emails

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I have recently started using TALKTALK mail on my laptop and am not seeing a full page of emails in a list. I can see one at a time in a very small space across the page. The rest is adverts, How do I bring up the full page of my emails in the same way that it appears in my phone or ipad?


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On a laptop browser if you find the advertising distracting then you can use an Ad-blocker. I use AdBlocker Ultimate with Mozilla's Firefox browser on Windows 11.  I see no advertising and I may miss TalkTalk promotions but I recover space at the bottom and side of the mail message display.


I use Vertical as the Layout option that means I have 3 vertical panels, Folder View on the left, List View in the middle and Email Detail view on the right.


I can recover more horizontal space by toggling the Folder view to icons only and, to list more messages in the List view vertical space, untick the Show text preview in Settings, All Settings, Mail, Message List. 

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