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TalkTalk Mail : Current issues

Some customer mailboxes are showing an internal server CLOUDLDAP-0003 authentication error that prevents webmail sign in. Email clients will also report a problem with sign in credentials. There is no user workaround. TalkTalk Support will raise a fa...

The server is being maintained. 12Apr2022 Error - message could not be sent 13Dec2021
Gondola by Community Star
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Email address

Below is the email I sent to complaints. Disappointed with their response. Good Morning, I have been a valued customer for over fourteen years and only recently discovered that my original contract expired in 2014 and since then I have been on a roll...

Email has been hacked

HI email has been hacked and password changed, unable to reset as password reset sends link to email account I can't access. How do i proceed. customer centre currently closed.

PhatDaad by Sightseer
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Poor email service online no app full of adverts

Anyone else crazy sick and tired of talktalk vile shoddy email delivery, viewing, choked in irrelevant plague of adverts & organising service!. Please message back or help give this a thumbs up. I know its a long shot and i as well as many others hav...

kimkeen by Team Player
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HiI have lost all my email. Using webmail I used up 90% of my quoter so decided to delete half of them. I have finished up with deleting them all. All of the folders are now empty by quoter shows 100%. I cannot now even send any mail. Is there away t...


Hello1. How can I delete emails from xxxx to xxxx by date from emails. I have almost ran out of the 10gig allocated space. 2. What is the best way to backup my emails from the server before I delete them.I have emails dating back 10yrs on the server ...

Failed to load message content

Hi @Ady-TalkTalk I don't know if the issue is related to last night's email maintenance but I'm seeing a few fails to load message content. Not many, fortunately, but might be indicative of trouble. Error: Failed to load message content The connectio...

Gondola by Community Star
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No valid email recovery details

I have not found how to resolve a forgotten email password recovery situation. The recovery details are unfortunately setup as the email I cannot access and a mobile number I no longer have. I can login to my Primary User Account, but cannot change e...

Email app for Android.

Just had a conversation with an agent who informs me that there is no app for talktalk email on an Android device. This is surely unacceptable. Can other Android users join me in protesting about this omission.

Kenny DX by First Timer
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Creating a account

Having referred to the community forums, I've followed the creating a instructions online. However when following these steps I don't have the option in My Account to create a new Talktalk email account. Please can you look into my accou...

Mail Platform Authentication : CLOUDLDAP-0003

Hi Ady-TalkTalk The OX platform is not authenticating my sign in this morning. It's the email account I use for this Community sign in. The other two accounts are authenticating OK. I'm seeing the CLOUDLDAP-0003 error on the webmail sign in. An error...

Gondola by Community Star
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Hi. imap has become inactive on both iMacs and iPad simultaneously for my tiscali email account but talk talk mail is receiving. Have sent talktalk test email to my tiscali account account, talktalk mail receives but my tiscali email account on the i...

Resolved! 2 trash folders

Hi all, I have two email addresses (1 mostly abandoned due to spam) I logged into this email address this morning and found that I have two trash folders, one attached to my inbox and another in my folders. When I sent some emails to trash they disap...

LUDDITE by Whizz Kid
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security certificate out of date

Hi, I keep getting a security warning that "the server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified" Can you sort please, it is for my email address of XXXXX REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS.

emails in inbox automatically delete after 30 days

emails in the inbox are automatically deleting after 30 days. Gondola suggested changing password which I have done but without effect.Also, in the Trash folder there is a heading stating Items in this folder will be automatically deleted after 30 da...

Autoforward - can't make it work

Have been trying to set up autoforward to send emails to a gmail account. Nothing appears to happen. Does this facility work? I should say that I've tried setting it up through the autoforward screen and, when that didn't appear to work, as an indivi...

TerryR by Team Player
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Can't send or receive email.

Support helped and I could get in via my laptop ..tried to access email via my mobile this morning and all I'm getting is mobile requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.Your support ID is: 15298474698650358602

Dan901 by First Timer
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email login

I cannot log in to my emails via Talktalk webmail and I cannot login to Talktalk to access my account

brenwal by Participant
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Can't send or receive email.

Hi Im getting the same error on on webmail and was just going to post it Also all my web clients on multiple apple devices all time out with is not responding. it’s been like this since about 11:30 today. Must be some ...

User deactivated

Please Help! I can't log in to check my emails, says user deactivated authorisation-0001.You'd of thought there would of been some sort of warning!I have some really important emails I need to recover, is there any way please. Many thanks

Ori_123 by First Timer
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Email account 'User is Deactivated'

Help!I am asking on behalf of my mum (she's very elderly and doesn't understand anything technical).As of yesterday she hasn't been able to get into her email account, she get's error message "User is deactivated (AUTHORIZATION-0001)". We've changed ...

Laura999 by Chatterbox
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Nildram webmail login

Hi thereI have an old Nildram email address that is over quota, to clear the folders i used to go into the webmail login and empty the folders from there, as of last year i cannot access the webmail via the usual login in. How can i access the webmai...

Chabsy by First Timer
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(Nearly) all emails disappeared

Morning boys & girls - an elderly friend (even older than me) has lost his emails from TalkTalk. They were fine last week, apparently. He uses an Android tablet & app, but the emails are still missing if we log into webmail. There are a few left, som...