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Sagemcom Fast 5364 stopped resolving websites after Router upgrade to SG4K100136

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As per the subject my sagemcom Fast 5364 stopped resolving websites last night 03/02/2023, router rebooted itself, connects to DSL but no websites ,all looks ok but cannot ping or tracert to any DNS servers etc.

prior to this it was working on SG4K10002828t (had a picture of firmware)

I am currently on my older talktalk "black" router to make this call.

The new sagemcom firmware is SG4K100136

How do I get the newer v158 firmware given my router is not resolving external ip addresses?

Or will Talktalk need to send me a new router (my spare doesn't count I brough that off eBay for exact issues like this having been burnt by TalkTalk in the past and the wifi range is not totally matching the household needs , where as the Sagemcom did). How would I proceed with this issue,