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Sagemcom fast 5364 not resolving websites after firmware upgrade

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My router rebooted itself last night (03/03/2023) when it come back with a white status light I have no internet connectivity to websites.

The DSL status is connected and green so this not a line fault.

I can not ping or tracert to any DNS (or any IP outside of the router LAN)

Previous working version of firmware was SG4K10002828t

after reboot the router is on SG4K100136

I can see there is a V158 firmware.

I have had to use an older router to get online.

How do I go about getting the sagemcom updated to see if it cures this  connectivity issue or will TalkTalk need to send me a new router?

Note I need the Sagemcom because it meets the wifi requirements for my household, my temp backup one does not.

Apologies if this is a duplicate post but i cannot find the previous one I created even though  I got a badge for it, (which does not help my annoyance at the moment.