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My TalkTalk router has been rock-solid until firmware 174 which has brought with it some quirks such as;


My Volvo just refuses to connect to both my own and my mums Sagemcom router, but will happily connect to my brothers TalkTalk supplied Eero.


My iPhone 15 running IOS 17.4.1 will just have "no internet connection" periodically for 30 mins or more before resolving itself, Wi-Fi signal is excellent, when connected to both Sagemcom routers if you leave the default "Private Wi-Fi address" enabled. Once again fine on Eero. It's as though the firmware can't handle Apples "Private Wi-Fi address" functionality.


Then today my Sagemcom router kicked all devices off WiFi, so my work laptop, two iphones and all Alexa's around the house responded to say "no internet connection". As the router is on my desk, it was showing a stable white light, but it had got rather warm for some reason. A power down and then back up a few moments later restored service.


Is there a timeline for a new firmware to arrive as 174 seems to have more quirks than any other versions prior to it when it comes to daily use?


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Our devices teams are always working on a later firmware as changes and security improvements are made however we have no timescales as yet for a future firmware release.



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