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moving but no date yet

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Im in the process of selling and moving to a new area (TS12 2HS) i have searched the speed im likely to get and its way lower than i have now it goes right down to 11mbps.

I have spoken to other people on the same road and they get 25mbps so not sure whether the speed of 11mbps is right.

I have 2 options

1 to risk the speed 

2 to go with 5g mobile broadband which i know is at the address and buy myself out of contract.


Question is as im quite a long time before contract runs out, if i move does the contract start again because if it does and i need to buy myself out it will be more expensive than buying out now.

Not sure what to do.


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Thanks, once i get a moving date i will be in touch with them, your right about the speed i would get, thats exactly what i got. Yes iam currently on fibre 65.

Maybe they haven't upgraded the area as 3 have 5g in the area and quite a few are using 3 mobile broadband. When i mentioned 25mbps im only going on hear say and you know how accurate that can be.

Looks like i may have to buy out of contract which is a shame as ive been with talk talk a good few years but upgraded last year on a 24 month deal.


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Checking that postcode on the Openreach site here BT Broadband ( suggests only old fashioned copper ADSL is available with estimated speed range of about 10Mbps to 19.5Mbps. I'm guessing you're currently on a FTTC (Fibre35/65) service. No idea how other people on that street are getting 25Mbps.


Have you spoken to the home move team about your options and service availability?

I believe that you usually have the option, when moving home, to pay a home move fee to continue your current contract or alternatively start a new contract and the fee is waived.