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Crackling on landline confirmed using TalkTalk tools

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There is crackling on the landline, running a TalkTalk test confirms this and a reference is generated. The recent visit of an Openreach engineer confirmed the crackling in on the line not in my head. At the start of the month this crackling overwhelmed the landline and after a snapping sound the call terminated. When the caller tried again their voice was distorting/echoing. TalkTalk website confirmed there was a fault on the landline.


The fault persists, I am using a new phone - it is not a cordless one. It is directly connected to the Openreach 5C master socket which has a new faceplate fitted by a Qube GB engineer.


The crackling continues when the electrical supply to the house is off.


A fresh test yesterday indicated a fault with the landline, there has not been an update for 24 hours.

I spent a long time on Live Chat as I was requested to do so, a test by the agent warned me it might last 20 minutes. The results of this test were to be included with the notes on my account.


Three weeks since the initial complaint - anyone with poor mental health would be put at risk by these circumstances.


I live in an area with a poor mobile phone signal, 28% again today. A landline is very important, to be able to hear and be heard is also important.


There have been landline faults here since I switched to TalkTalk six years ago.




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The Openreach engineer told me he would go to the exchange as the test results did not explain the crackle. I asked if a TDR test had been done,? He did not answer my question but commented on me using a technical term.


An hour later he called me on my mobile number to say everything was okay. Here the embodile signal is poor [28% today] it was not possible to do more than accept what I was told.


A number of TDR tests here have revealed faults, some of which have been fixed. I think there might be two more of these unfixed faults, one at the top of the nearby pole and one underground on the way to the nearby Openreach cabinets [2].


I am on Fibre 65 which arrives at the house on a cable from the telegraph pole. My house is one garden away from the telegraph pole and two gardens from the two Openreach cabinets.


Thank you for trying to help me, it is much appreciated.




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Yes the engineer should do test to locate the source of the problem. What did the last Openreach engineer say when they heard the crackle/



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Yes please.


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Yes. It occurs under all circumstance. For example different phones that only draw power from the landline, even the electricity in my home is switched off and the router disconnected.


It was been heard by the most recent Openreach engineer to visit my home.


Do all Openreach engineer visits to home entail the full range of tests necessary to identify the continuous crackling noise on a landline?


Would a number of acceptable faults on a landline cause this problem?


Thank you for trying to help me.


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Hi Crackle170224,


Do you still hear the crackle with the router disconnected from the telephone socket?



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Yes please.


Faceplate has been removed [it has also been replaced recently by Qube GB], a new phone plugged directly into the test socket, the continuous crackle is heard. This test was done while the electricity in the house was switched off.


The continuous crackle on the landline was heard by the most recent Openreach engineer to visit my home.


Questions I have posed on my posts if answered might provide a cause of the continuous crackle on my landline.


Do Openreach engineers routinely do the necessary tests to resolve the issue of a continuous crackle on a landline?

Can acceptable faults on a landline combine to cause the problems I have reported? These include a continuous crackle on the landline from the test socket as detailed above.  A call that was eventually terminated after louder and louder crackling. The caller's voice when they called back distorting/echoing - sounding like a dalek?


Thank you for trying to help.









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Hi Crackle170224


Do you still need help with this?


Support Team
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Hi Crackle170224


I'm really sorry to hear this.


The line test is clear. I also checked the Openreach engineers notes from the last visit, they advised that they were unable to locate any line faults.


Can I just check, have you tried removing the face plate and connecting the phone and filter directly at the test socket?


Is the noise also present if you make a few test calls with the router removed from the line?