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Home Phone

Get help with your TalkTalk landline and calling features.

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Landline Saga

Hi About 3 or so weeks ago I reported an issue with my landline to TalkTalk Tech Support. The issue is that intermittently (but frequently) callers to my landline complain that my voice is distorted, making it very difficult for them to understand me...

ab5000 by Sightseer
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"White Noise" on landline

Hi. My landline has unfortunately recently developed a loud "white noise". The situation is as follows : My landline to other landline : noise (this is the worst)Other landline to my landline : noise sometimesMy landline to mobile : no noiseMobile to...

rautospoon by Super Duper Contributor
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Home landline not working correctly

High amount of noise nearly drowning out dial tone.Cannot dial out.Phone rings once on incoming call then stops, when phone is picked up can only hear dial tone.NTE 5C MK 4 main telephone socket, all testing done from the test outlet within NTE 5C MK...

igmit by Visitor
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Noisy line for past 72hrs

Have a very noisy line, have tried all usual teats including use of test socket but not working - can TalkTalk please test the line - only method of communication for my 75 year old mum! thanks

Phone number transfer

Moving my talktalk phone number to my new provider onebill seems to be takinga long time. Is there anyone that can update me on what's happening and when itwill be resolved.

vpalm by Conversation Starter
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crackling line

Reported 23 Feb still unresolved crackling phone line. No correspondent sinceSpent over an hour messaging first to admin then passed over to a so called technical personAt the end asked me to give them a good mark for their service. What a JokeI will...

Landline crackling noise, cause unknown

Help! TalkTalk Community superstar help required. My landline has a continuous crackling noise, it can be heard from the test socket of an Openreach Master Socket 5C. It has been heard by an Openreach engineer who could not explain the continuous cra...

Crackling on landline confirmed using TalkTalk tools

There is crackling on the landline, running a TalkTalk test confirms this and a reference is generated. The recent visit of an Openreach engineer confirmed the crackling in on the line not in my head. At the start of the month this crackling overwhel...

phone line test saga

Someone recently said they could hear interference noise when they phoned me on my landline. Today I thought I would test my phone line and your system reported back 'we think there is an issue with your line, run a line test. 10 minutes later I rece...

Giraffe by Wise Owl
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home phones

REMOVED engaged all the time noises on line incoming and out going not working

Home phone

Had problems with constant noise on the line sometimes complete silence, had two engineers out both said there was a fault outwith the house, but TaltTalk appear to ignore this and say the fault is fixed. It is not. Spent 4 hours "chatting" with some...

Rondo2 by First Timer
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Can not report a fault on my landline

I can not find a way of reporting a fault on my landline - the "ChatNow" option does not work and I can not find any email or phone contact numbers to report it to. What are my options?

VicB322 by First Timer
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Landline phone issues/interference for 4 weeks!

Hi, I first reported an issue to TalkTalk about my landline phone over 4 weeks ago (terrible interference/crackling sound on dial tone & in chat) and despite online chat with an agent, a visit by an engineer, and another chat with an agent last week ...

Crackling on landline, broadband totally OK

Hi, When I pick up the phone the dial tone has a loud crackle, which interestingly seems to go when the call is connected. After a call the crackle has gone from the dial tone, but comes back after a couple of minutes of non use. I did run the online...

Qwghlm by Whizz Kid
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Landline fault (ongoing)

Hi, I have an intermittent fault with my landline in that incoming calls seem fine at my end, but occasionally the caller reports there is a lot of noise coming through. I have reported this several times, and last June an engineer called to run some...

Floydoid by Chat Champion
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No Phone Line/Crackling For Over A Week

Hi. Have tried different adapters, a different cordless phone, have tried all sockets, master socket and still crackling. Cannot receive calls either as if our home phone number was to be rung it sais line busy. Have checked everything inside the hou...

Dan2008 by Conversation Starter
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Loss of landline

My landline is currently not functioning for incoming/outgoing calls. The line is very noisy (hums, crackles) but internet connection appears to be unaffected. Had an Open Reach engineer here early July for a different issue but while here fitted a n...

csqwared by Conversation Starter
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Phone rings but cannot answer or make calls

Yet again there is a fault with our landline. I cannot make calls and incoming calls ring and then switch to a distorted ringtone. I have used the line test to confirm that the fault is once again between the exchange and my house and am told that an...

Pal353 by Super Duper Contributor
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No Dial Tone

Hi and thanks in advance for your assistance. I have no dial tone on my home phone, just white noise. I have tested the line via the fault finder (Fault reference number REP-13086580) which asked me to contact TalkTalk by clicking a button link. Unfo...

upnorth2 by Chatterbox
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