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Intermittent Land Line Issues

Morning all, My mum has recently started to experience a number of land line quality issues, which seems to have coincided with increased activity by Openreach in our area. The line quality will range from perfect when some one calls, to not being ab...

Crackling line

Hi,I wonder if you check my phone line it seems to crackle a lot when I am making a phone call.The line tests do not seem to be working well. I recently updated to future fibre with city fibre. My phone line and my broadband now come down separate co...

jstype by Super Duper Contributor
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Inbound and Outbound calls dropping router sync

Hi, I've had intermittent sync issues for a couple of months now (the connection was rock solid for a couple of years @80/20 - but now intermittently syncs at anything between 40-60/15-20) I've noticed router stats wise the maximum rate is usually ju...

Pete_G by Team Player
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Landline background noise

Hi over the last few weeks a hiss noise has developed on my landline phone that is now so bad I can hardly hear people on the other end. Tried new filters and plugging direct into the master socket 5c test port with a push button phone and get the sa...

Leb123 by First Timer
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I cannot use the landline and broadband at the same time

I have used this service for over five years now and everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago.If I have the broadband connected then there is an awful hiss on the line and if I ring the house from my mobile it goes straight to voicemail. If di...

Fault on landline

This evening there is substantial interference on our landline and we cannot hear make or receive calls. The internet connection also went but has now returned. From repeated experience, this will be a fault at the exchange or between the exchange an...

Pal353 by Super Duper Contributor
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Fault on the land line

My landline has a fault, its dead. Also with that lost the Fibre broadband.Did see an Openreach engineer as well round the corner messing with the gubbins in the morning so i guess something has been disturbed as lost it by the time i got back home i...

Reporting a landline fault

My internet is working fine at the moment but landline is really crackly.The TalkTalk website just sends me round in circles with no option to report a fault with telephone.Any help?

Noisy line & phone disconnects calls

Hi I started a post about slow fibre but also have noticed out landline is very noisy & today it dropped 2 calls. We have our grandad living with us so is quite important. I spoke on the live chat to someone who did some tests & said an engineer woul...

Crackling on line

A couple of months ago, after a series of complaints, my line was tested firstly by a Talk Talk engineer and later by a BT engineer. The BT engineer fitted a new internal socket and the line was fine with little or no crackling. However, the cracklin...

RoyD8 by Team Player
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Landline won’t dial out

Since yesterday I cannot phone any outbound phone callsit dials then it’s just a dead dial tone it will ring mobile numbers but not local numbers and I can receive calls ok please helpthanks

Julie59 by First Timer
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Can't Dial Out?

Phone has been working fine. But from today, we can't dial out. When dialling a number (landline), all I get is a hissing sound and a flat line sound. But when I dialled my mobile number, it connected? I also rang my landline number via my mobile and...

Gelbs by Whizz Kid
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Cross Lines

Hi, When someone calls on my TT landline they can hear me but I can't hear them, instead I get to listen in on someone else's conversation or the line is very fuzzy making it difficult to make out what's being said. The problem has been on-going for ...

Intermittent phone problem

Yesterday my phone started only ringing once for incoming calls. The line was very crackly. Outgoing calls were possible(but crackly). I complained on Chat and was waiting for an engineer to come round. Today the problem has vanished. This has happen...

scfenton by Conversation Starter
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Noisy/fuzzy line

There is a fuzz noise on the line, that is louder than the person on the other end  It started about 4 or 5 days ago, I was hoping it would right itself. Changed phones, checked points - all ok. Please can you help?

Noisy line

Hello, over the last week our line has suddenly developed a noise that makes it hard to hear the other person. It happens with all the phones we've plugged in, so it isn't the phone. Please can you check the line?

Crackling on land line phone

A few weeks ago, having complained about crackling on my phone, an engineer called and, a few days later, an Openreach engineer. The Openreach engineer replaced the main socket and relocated it closer to my router. All was fine for about 2 weeks and ...

RoyD8 by Team Player
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Noise on my home phone

When making phone calls on the landline, for the past two weeks, I've been getting a constant background humming noise which is steadily getting worse. I now find it very difficult to hear other people.A few days ago I contacted TalkTalk Customer Ser...

static noise on landline

Hi i want to follow up an issue and see if you can help me. Ever since people been calling me on the house phone/landline they said there is bad static noise or a bad line but mainly static when someone calls me on the mobile it doesn’t sound clear j...

Resolved! Home Phone noise on line

Hi we have had a few calls like today we called someone from our home phone and they said the line was fine there end but we could her like noise on the line was not clear. can u please help and do a line check as the other day this week the router w...

hosay299 by Philosopher
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Noisy, crackly line. UInable to hear callers or make calls

For more than a week or so, I have had a very noisy line when I pickup. This is before dialling or answering a call, or on a call, or whatever.It's a very loud crackling, scrunching sound, similar to a strong wavering static, or a packet of crisps* b...

Landline is dead

Hello. Yesterday our landline quality was very poor, then it died altogether. I logged on at 19.00 hrs to a chat-room for 75 minutes during which Jessette asked me lots of questions and we achieved nothing. We were supplied a new router earlier this ...

Phone line again

Hi there this is the 4th time this has happened and alway after Openreach have been messing about in the manhole outside my property. My contact with Talk Talk is up in 3 week and I have been with them for about 9 years now so should I stay or should...

Dobbin15 by Chat Champion
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Crackly line

Our line is very crackly (and our neighbour has reported the same thing). I have tried three different handsets and use the test socket in the master socket and the crackling is the same.

bench1 by First Timer
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Crackling noise on phone line

Hi, recently we are experiencing crackling noise on the phone line that makes it very hard to hear the person we are talking too. Please could you run a line check from your end to check for a fault, and advise what further action we can take.

Trig123456 by Conversation Starter
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