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Get help with your TalkTalk landline and calling features.

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Caller ID

Sorry Michelle , the quick fix you suggested lasted about 24hrs I've now lost it again, but thanks anyway , I've switched it off again from my add ons and will try again tomorrow, obviously a fault with the lines.

Caller ID

My Caller ID just stopped working had it for years with no problem, done the usual checks by plugging phone directly into socket , still didn't work, taken phone to my daughters and plugged it into her BT socket, works fine, tried getting in touch wi...

Caller ID stopped working

Caller ID stopped working on my landline about 2 weeks ago. It is still showing as enabled in my account, but all incoming calls simply show “Incoming call” on all my ‘phones.

BillBees by Repeat Guest
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Intermittent caller display

We've been having intermittent caller display issues for a few days and can see other recent posts about the same thing.I just tried again from my mobile phone and the caller display was working okay for that but decided to check by account and toggl...

kempas by Conversation Starter
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Intermittent Caller ID

On a seemingly random basis my Caller ID seems to stop working. It has only been since renewing contract, but it is the inconsistency that puzzles me. Any ideas

EyeSee25 by Chatterbox
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Caller ID (Caller Display) Stopped Working

Hi,Can someone assist me with getting my Caller ID back on my line please?I've had it for years on my landline, but since switching to Full Fibre 150 and now adding TT Digital Voice service, all callers just show as "anonymous ".The Caller ID is show...

Caller ID Stopped Working

Hi,Can someone assist me with getting my Caller ID back on my line please?I've had it for years on my landline, but since switching to Full Fibre 150 and now adding TT Digital Voice service, all callers just show as "anonymous ".The Caller ID is show...

Caller ID on Home Phone not working

I have Fibre 150 with Grandstream and an eero6 .My home phone has stopped showing the caller ID and shows all calls as 'anonymous caller out of area'.I have read other posts on the forum with similar problems and have tried the suggested actions to t...

Stanman2 by First Timer
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No caller display on Groundstream DVA

Recently received Eero 6 and Groundstream adapter - but cannot get caller display to work. Have tried many options regarding resetting Groundstream etc. Have tried turning the caller display off and on in "my account" but despite confirmation emails ...

Boffee by Conversation Starter
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Phone not showing who is calling

Suddenly my phone is not showing caller display, it now shows as 'anonymous caller out of range'This happened after I stopped my anytime boost payment.I dont believe this should alter my caller displayI have switched off my Eero and reset my grandstr...

Gleha by Conversation Starter
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Caller ID not working on new BT4600

Recently purchased the above.The Caller ID is set up on my talk talk account.Names and numbers stored in handset.Call screening turned on all handsetsAll incoming calls say WITHELD. Help. I need to know who’s calling so I can decide if I want to spea...

Billy7TT by First Timer
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Live Chat with Gioremiel suggested the fault was with our phone. We no longer received Caller ID only "EXTERNAL" on the screen. We carried out all suggested repairs, and eventually bought a new phone - same problem! Original phone works perfectly in ...

MOLAR32 by First Timer
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Caller display still not working

Hello everybody,I've got an ongoing issue with caller display which hasn't been working since TalkTalk repaired a landline fault in March.I posted here previously about this a couple of weeks ago and had some initial responses but I haven't received ...

Joanne41 by Popular Poster
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Caller display and managing my account online not working

Hello everyone,My landline was recently faulty and l had no service for one month. It was eventually repaired at the end of March but, since then, caller display has stopped working and just says 'incoming call' when the phone rings. Caller display s...

Joanne41 by Popular Poster
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Number withheld

Why has 'number withheld' on my landline started to show up, rather than the telephone number of the person who is calling?

Swift/10 by Chatterbox
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Caller display

Hello all, you were a big help last time I posted a question which was probably more than a year ago so here goes with my current issue.My landline has just been out of action for more than a month and was finally repaired by an engineer last week. B...

Joanne41 by Popular Poster
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Caller Display: International calls

My caller display showed a Spanish number when I phoned Switzerland. As a result the person was unwilling to answer the call as they did not recognise the number. Does anyone know what causes this?

Lesley35 by Participant
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Hanging wire , branch interference in wind now unable to sync with Alexa , blink security only 3 g poor signal

I’d display

My calls come up as unknown to recipient how can I reverse this?

TOKEN by First Timer
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All inbound calls display as "Withheld"

Hi @OCEs,As title and similar to other threads on this, all calls being received display as "Withheld", or "Unknown" via the TT Digital Voice app.Have tested calling in from known numbers not set to withhold their number.For reference:My Account call...

Montana by Super Duper Contributor
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