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Landline not working

Our landline is currently not working. We don't make many calls from our landline but tried to make one yesterday and we have no dialling tone and the phone displays the message 'Check phone line'. Because we don't make many calls I have no idea how ...

Adetrick by Team Player
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Land line problem

Hi, Just been told that we are not receiving incoming calls on our landline. I can make out going calls but if I try to call my landline number from my mobile I get not tone at all, no ring tone or busy tone.

Home phone line

My home phone has been very quiet this morning so I checked it out. There is no dial tone and phone is dead. My Broadband is fine. I am on a FTTC service. A fully serviceable phone is plugged directly into the BT wall point. Help Please!Frank

frank by Conversation Starter
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RE: home phone - no dial tone

I've not been able to receive or make any calls from my home phone since Thurs 14 Oct. There is no dial tone when I pick up my home phone. I’ve connected the phone to master socket but same problem. I've even swapped the home phone base unit...same p...

dkhalai by Chatterbox
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No dial tone

Could some one from TalkTalk please help me as I have no dialing tone. If I ring my house phone although it seems like it's ringing it isn't. After the 6 months it took get the fibre and phone fixed before I'm very apprehensive.

63Emma93 by Participant
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Intermittent line connection

Hi, my landline has started to play up today. Intermittently I either can't get a dial tone or it is there but very faint and noisy with a very load background 'humming' noise. When I try to make a call it accepts the number but never connects. (I tr...

JamesG by Conversation Starter
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No incoming call ringtone

We have had no ringer on incoming calls since we signed up to talktalk. After testing the master socket, trying different hand sets etc we were told originally there was a known fault and we should be sorted by the end of April, its now June!!! Anybo...

Landline phone not ringing

Hi, We've realised our landline phone is not ringing. We have spoken to the call centre who said they would redirect the calls to my mobile, but they're not coming through either, so not sure if they've used the right number. We have tried two differ...

Changed Ring Tone from Double to Single

Like many peple on here when my Ringtone has change from a double ring tone to a single tone. A fix was promised by 7th May. But this has not materialised on area code 01377. The ringtone has changed slightly from the single tone, so something is bei...

jrdixon1 by Team Player
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Incoming ringtone single not double

My ringtone changed a few months ago from a double to a single ring and it’s been causing problems for callers and me.I’ve read threads that have reported the same problem and recently updated to say the problem is solved. Sadly not the case for 0188...

bibach by Popular Poster
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Ringtone back to normal

As of this morning our ringtone has returned to the "Old GPO" type double ring.Thanks Talktalk, really didn't like the single job.

fedman11 by Conversation Starter
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Changed Ringtone - No TT Action?

A month ago I posted details of the change to a single, widely spaced ringtone and the loss of calls. I saw a promise from TT that the software update this month (April) would fix it. It hasn't been fixed and I can't find any info on a fix posted. Do...

notalkee by Conversation Starter
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Resolved! Phone Line disconnected

This Morning, for over an hour, my Phone line had a 'Two Tone' sound rather than the normal, and at the same time, I could not make or receive calls, and obviously my Internet connection failed.I was able to use a friends' Internet to search for answ...

Resolved! No telephone service - elderly mother

My elderly mother lives on her own and with no family near by. Her phone has stopped receiving or making calls and there is no dial tone. She still has internet access. A neighbour went through the checks and tried a seller at phone but no luck. My s...

Multiple issues with home phone

Hello, we have been experiencing the following issues with out home phone: 1) Since the ringtone has changed, our phone handset answering machine is not able to answer the call, so no messages can be left2) Caller display does not work sometimes when...

rindr by First Timer
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Ring tone on landline has changed recently

I have noticed that the ring tone on my landline has changed recently.Over the past few weeks it has changed from the usual double ring to a single ring followed by a pause and then another single ring and pause etc.This is confusing for people like ...

florat by Super Duper Contributor
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No ringtone.

I had loss of landline phone and broadband.It took TalkTalk two months to sort the problem out. The problem was cured when an engineer put a new wall socket into a different place on my wall.My phone, TV, and router, were then all close to each other...

emmpet by Conversation Starter
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landline not working

Same problems as others - landline cut off mid-call, line now unavailable, 'phone not ringing properly since broadband failure 2 weeks ago. I am housebound and have mobility problems and rely on Telecare alarm for peace of mind and emergency help - t...

ami34 by First Timer
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Ringtone elder mother

My elder mother is 80 and she relies on her house phone, she is hard of hearing as it is, her ringtone has changed from double to single pause for 10 seconds one ring pause 10 seconds, this is very worrying as when we ring she can’t hear it being one...

ringtone with a voice

hi my house phone rings once then a deep male voice says CALL FROM PRIVATE NUMBERthen rings again and so on my wife thought someone had got in the house lol is this part of the problems i have read about on this blog thanks 10sing

10sing by First Timer
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1471 option 5 removed

My contract renewal has coincided with recent system maintenance so I'm not sure of the cause. As well as ring tone changes, a caller has complained that they cannot contact me. There is noise on the line. Also option 5 to remove last called is now m...

Gammerz by Conversation Starter
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