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What is a "G21 rate"

I see this question is often asked & never answered!There are several calls logged on my itemised usage that claim to be "G21 rate", but there isn't a cost for that rate listed (https://community.talktalk.co.uk/t5/Articles/UK-call-costs/ta-p/2205242#...

Disgusting service.

I'm sorry but an absolutely disgusting service from TalkTalk.Last October my elderly parents told me they were experiencing a very crackling line when making or receiving phone calls. There not totally comfortable with using the Internet including on...

Sean1969 by Chatterbox
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Price Rise

Renewed my contract in march for 12 months with a promise of no price rises, just received a email saying my Unlimited UK Calls Boost is going up £2 pcm typical.Can you look into it, if so i should be able to cancel my contract.

Bob62 by Popular Poster
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Mobile phone roaming charge increase

I am payng monthly for a TalkTalk Essential SIM, and would like to know the current EU roaming charges, and if there are any proposed increase in roaming charges.

micken by Team Player
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Understanding Landline Call Charges

Can someone please explain what the current charges are from TalkTalk for a UK Landline Phone Call? I am confused with the information provided. I see 24pence per minute referred to then under Service Charge a suggestion of 12.5 pence per minute + un...

Giraffe by Wise Owl
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i live with my 77 year old mother we call my brother in leicester and my uncle in elywe have not made £70 worth of calls what is going on?

renewal offer

My current TT Fast Broadband contract is due to end mid March 2022. When I log into My Account, the Renewal "Offer" says new 18 month contract for £24.95 per month (with the usual guff about increasing per inflation in April 2023 etc). However, I hav...

international max boost

Hi I just added on International Max Boost whcih on the website says it gives 1500 minutes. On the confirmation email received it states I only get 1000 minutes! "1,000 minutes to landline or mobile numbers in over 50 destinations including Europe, N...

Sam397 by First Timer
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£66 fone bill

my mum is 77 she calls my brother and uncle in England why is the fone bill so much?

landline charges

It's hard to find out land line rental costs and call plans...Am I right in saying the land line rental is included in the fibre 35 braodband cost? What about call charges? The only plan I can find is 'unlimited 24/7 for £14 a month'. What if I just ...

Master Socket move

HiWe're getting french doors installed in our living room, we will be removing the window and radiator below to accommodate the fit.Unfortunately, the master socket is situated right next to the window prompting an engineer call out to move it, we wi...

Length of landline calls

I have always been under the impression that, once the 60 minute limit on a landline call has been reached, remaining on the phone would result in the WHOLE call being charged at (currently) 21p per minute.I am now told, by a colleague, that their in...

Bill Ridiculously high from phoning ESA

My son was worried about his ESA payment as it didn't go through on time. so we rang the ESA phone number which was a 09 number. Now we was on hold for 11 minutes and when it went quiet, so put the phone down again and tried 3 times same again 11 min...

Cost of calls to 00800 (international freephone numbers)

HiA few years ago a question was asked about this. Eventually the reply was yes, they are free..... A couple of years later, the question was asked again & the answer was that if you don't have the international boost, then the calls are very expensi...

DebSki by First Timer
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Resolved! Costs for Access to 0843 Double Dial

Hello allI am trying to figure out how much it would cost to use DoubleDial's (http://www.doubledial.co.uk/) international calling service - specifically to Bangladesh using 0843 836 0005 Double dial is saying 2p per minute billed directly by talktal...

nic1987 by Whizz Kid
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Moving back to old phone number

When I joined TalkTalk in May from Virgin, I wanted keep my old number. This could not be done straight away as Virgin had to release the number, and I was keeping both accounts open for a couple of weeks, so I had coverage for working from home (I h...

No landline for 3 weeks!

On 1st of July I discovered I had no dialing tone, so could not make or recieve calls. I tried on numerous occasions through talking to advisors on the talktalk help chatto resove the problem without success.I knew what the problem was as it has happ...

New contract

I have just signed up for a new contract for 18 months [BB & home phone] as my BB is ending next month.I have payed £300 up front for 12 months.The question is i have got 6 months contract left on my home phone boost will i loose that or will it be a...

cle66y by First Timer
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Calls to TalkTalk customers

I have been getting free calls to a fellow TalkTalk customer (01132684964) for free up to the 25th June. From the 29th June I have been charged £40.12. They are still with TalkTalk. Why have I been charged?

Ajwokesy by Team Player
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Phone call charges.

Hi,My contract ends mid August. At the moment landline and calls to mobiles are included at no cost.Are they included in the Fibre 35, 65, & 150 packages at £22, £25, & £29.95 per month?

Delta25 by Popular Poster
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Resolved! Cost of calls to 119 with anytime uk boost

I have tried searching but can't find the answer to whether 119 calls are included in anytime UK calls boost., or what the cost is. The number isn't on the gov.uk as far as I can see.Apologies and thanks in advance! Any idea why I getCorrect the high...

davep by Insightful One
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