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Home Phone

Get help with your TalkTalk landline and calling features.

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Local call charge.

I notice a charge of £7.20 for a local call made on 30th June. I pay an £8 charge for unlimited local calls. The call lasted 1 hour 29 minutes. Is there a time limit on local calls?

phone calls

With TalkTalk home phone lines can I get free calls to other providers, or is it just TalkTalk to TalkTalk?

191011 by Visitor
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Phone calls charged

I was charged over ten pounds for calls made 19th May, all other calls to these numbers were free(as they should be).

Recent calls

Could there be a 3rd party using my phone. I have 3 people phoning and asking why is there a call from my landline, which hasn't come from my phone and am I being charged

Lin23 by First Timer
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Anytime Plus Call

I pay £16.45pcm for anytime plus calls yet i'm still being charged for local calls

Clemo by First Timer
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Phone boost

Why has my payment gone up as to phone boost when I don’t have a phone, cannot access this boost on my account thanks

0800 Numbers

HelloI recently cancelled my call boost.I was wondering if I would be able to call 0800 numbers free of charge, seen as these numbers are free to call. And if so is it only free for first 60 minutes?Thanks

Digital voice

Is digital voice being offered now and does it apply to any package?

Talk2arg by First Timer
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Ive Scrapped my Call Boosts

Hi, I had a fair bit of misleading information given to me today by the operative Ellen in a chat room.So if you dont mind I wanted to confirm some details please. As we are now wel, and truly in the smartphone age, I thought there was no need for oi...

Defunct phone service

I'm paying for a landline service that is never been used ,can get a better service for less with vodaphone deal is anyone else paying for something they don't use I wonder

complaint call back

You texted me on **removed **to say that you would call me between 14.00 and 16.00 today. I am at a funeral at 14.00 can you please call after 16.00 Regards Jane Corby

jane1946 by First Timer
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Hub 2

Now that I have a Hub2 installed and my landline phone is connected, am I still required to pay for BT line rental?

colinmw by First Timer
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Bill enquiry

My current bill (account number **removed **home phone number **removed** amounting to £50.04 includes an amount of £12 re last months charges. This would appear to relate to adding a calls boost which was effective from 25/12/2023 per your e mail da...


As I don’t use my landline at all anymore, I would like to remove this service please…I only need broadband for my computer, my TV and for WiFi assist on my mobile phone. Who should I contact to do this?

ashpiano by First Timer
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