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Don’t know the difference between your call divert and your call forward, well don’t worry. Why not ask our community a question today?
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Please Help critical hospital phonecalls are being missed because of no income phonecalls elderly and disabled household. I'm trying to reach talk talk to transfer all incoming phone calls to my mobile But without success! Until the fault can be foun...

TalkTalk won't let my number go !

I moved into a new home nearly 20 months ago, on that day the phone line was connected but with no service, and the first (and only) service I ever had here is from TalkTalk starting a few days later (the order had been placed before the move). I had...

Branta by Chat Champion
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SMS over PSTN service centre number

Hi everyone. I’m not sure whether TalkTalk offer SMS over PSTN but, if they do, does anyone know the service centre number?The reason is for an alarm system that uses a landline to send SMS alarms. Would be the same for DECT phones. Thanks.

Landline not working

No dial tone on landline, can't receive or make calls. Have checked and no problem with our setup. Very worried as this is the only way to contact my elderly parents.


hi I have a problem with caller display and TalkTalk said they would turn it off for 24hrs but that was 48hrs ago I still have no caller display and the boost page on my account is all greyed out and can not change anything. I tried chat earlier but ...

port home number

I have just joined Talktalk and expected to port my home number but it has not and it has given me a new number. How do I port my number over? I have only just joined so the number should still be free? it was XXXXXX REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS

Full Fibre installed old copper line still working

So it has been almost 30 days since we got the future fiber installed but the thing is the old copper socket still works for the phone as well as plugging it into the router. Will call safe work if we plug the phone into the copper line or will the c...

Constant tone on landline when caller hangs up first

This problem started back in March.If I am called on my landline, when the caller hangs up first I hear a loud constant tone which continues for 30 seconds before the line disconnects. It can be annoying because if the answering machine cuts in, it r...

Simcom by Conversation Starter
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Bereavement - OCE help please

I guess I'm in wrong board, but not sure where to open topic.A nephew died last week. We can't find his account number, and do not have his landline number. I contacted bereavement line and they won't do anything without one of those numbers, or poss...

davep by Insightful One
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Urgent help needed message icon on my phone has disappeared

Hi, I need some urgent help. The message icon on my phone has disappeared. I can receive messages but there is no icon to tell me that there is a message waiting. I am a carer for my husband who has Parkinson's and we have already missed an important...

victorsj by Conversation Starter
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Transferring landline number to new provider.

Hello.I switched provider from TalkTalk to Vodafone 3 days ago. When I initiated this switch with Vodafone (approx 2 weeks ago) I was told I would need a new landline number, even though I wanted to keep the existing one I'd had with TalkTalk (which ...

Spike4 by First Timer
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Loud constant tone when other end hangs up first

Not sure if this has already been reported or not, as I wasn't quite sure what to search for, as it is a new one on me... Starting a few weeks ago, whenever we are speaking with somebody on the landline, as soon as they hang up an extremely loud cons...

Futaura by Super Duper Contributor
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I'm told my house alarm uses the PSTN network to call out to my mobile in the event of an alarm and that this will stop working when the PSTN system is switched off before 2025. Is there a fix for this i.e. a system that will convert the alarm signal...

russw by Participant
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Phone line with future fibre

Hello , I am looking at upgrading to future fibre 150 but also want to keep using my phone . I spoke to talktalk sales guy on the phone and he said to use the phone I will need an extra box that connects to the eero and then this has a wire to my pre...

podski by Chat Champion
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2 accounts

Hi I have two accounts with Talk Talk with two different phone numbers in two different houses, I have no dialing tone on one number but if I try the help services it automatically checks the other number and if I try to add an account it changes the...

Chad60 by Popular Poster
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Openreach appointment to move socket - help needed

Almost a week ago , I had an openreach engineer visit my property to move a master socket . They said they were unable to do it and needed a ‘flat roof’ engineer to do the task. (The socket ismoving to another part of the house and the engineer said ...

VoIP availability?

Hi, I have a fibre65 package (though it only runs at fibre35 speeds), with landline -- fibre to the cabinet, then copper. Talktalk want to give me an upgrade to fibre to the premises, but after a lengthy conversation, as i was about to agree, they dr...

iondh by First Timer
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Transfer number before upgrading FTTP

Hello, I have Fiber 65, un der contract for 18mths. Soon future fiber will be available and I would upgrade, but these are data only plans. I wonder if I can port my number to Skype (this is possible) while keeping the Fiber 65 until the future fiber...

croman by Chatterbox
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Moving house to full fiber area and keeping number

Hi, I moved into a new house a few days ago and only just started the process of getting a new TalkTalk package (I know this is really late but our dates weren't confirmed until a few days before moving sadly). I had a landline number at my old prope...