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Get help with your TalkTalk landline and calling features.

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problems giving up my landline

I contacted talkTalk, (somehow managed to talk to a person!) back in April as I was giving up my landline and modem and moving. I was told that i had to pay a month cancellation, then they would send me a box to send the modem back in. I gave my new ...

digital voice

Can i get digital voice and how much does it cost?I already have a wi-fi hub 2 with phone socket on the back.And I have full fibre broadband.My email address is

Digital voice

I have fibre 150 how do I get the digital voice adaptor the video says you need for a eero router.

Lerch by Sightseer
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Resolved! BT 1572 is blocking my call to a relative

Suddenly when I call my sister, the BT 1572 feature intervenes. I have spoken on a mobile and she has confirmed that there is no block with BT on my number at her end. Other callers have no problem. How do I contact Talktalk to check?

avqs43 by Newbie
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grandstream model HT801 compatible handsets

can anyone recommend a corded phone handset that works with grandstream model HT801.that has caller display please I've tried a few handset out of currys, that don't seem to work properlythanks

Phone not working when plugged in to splitter

I have just set up my broadband that works fine. I can’t get a dialling tone on my phone when it is plugged in via the splitter. If I plug my phone direct into the socket it works fine. I have tried another splitter but get the same result.

No phones working

Hi , my landline started playing up , then got worse and worse , can’t ring out at all now and incoming calls are full of background noise if the calls get through at all , internet , wifi tv all work perfectly , have disconnected phones , still not ...

Catsno1 by Visitor
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Digital voice adapter

The phone light keeps flashing to say I have messages but I can't seem to clear them I have contacted the help line but received no help

Further Problems with my phone line

I thought it best to post a new post rather than continuing my previous thread, to avoid any confusion since things have changed a little. I have a Trucall box on my line.Recently noticed the Trucall phones out a few times in the early hours each day...

Setting up digital voice

I recently upgraded to full fibre 150. Without phone. I have since realised I could still get a phone connected through full fibre (not landline) and asked for the digital voice adaptor to be sent out. It has arrived but it doesn't seem to work. Do I...

macuffer by First Timer
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Line cord error

I've had my phone checked by bt line dault corrected however I keep getting line cord error I've replaced my cables etc

Weird Problem with Phone

Hi,I cancelled my call boosts about 6 weeks ago, and naturally have avoided making any calls on my TT Landline, instead opting to use my mobile. Now you can imagine my horror when I discoverd my new TT bill showing £ 7 worth of chargeable calls. On c...

Getting Spoofed Calls from my a contact

I have had 9 calls today on my landline all suposedly from the same contact, one after another,but no one there.when I checked with my contact they had not been trying to call me.Has my line been hacked and what should I do?

Left behind copper phone line

Hi, I have a Fibre 500 data only package with TalkTalk.My phone is still on the copper line. I'm aware that copper lines are due to be removed next year.I phoned talk talk to ask if I needed an IP phone to connect to my eero router but they told me I...

DanGer1 by First Timer
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How do I get my landline working?

Hi,I signed up to talk talk via a canvasser. I was told, to use my landline, I would need an adapter for the eero from Argos. I can’t find said adapter at Argos. I have a FTTP telephone number on my account but I don’t know what adapter I need or how...

VOIP with fibre 150

Has anyone got a converter to allow them to connect their old BT handsets to their TalkTalk FTTP router in Essex. Every time I ask for one I am told that "VOIP is not available in my area"! Some of my neighbours have it (although not on TalkTalk) so ...

Deefer by Popular Poster
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WiFi with eero 6

Like many people I was sent an eero 6 when I signed up for Fibre 150, and stupidly returned my old router. My WiFi coverage is much worse that before, when I was on fibre 65, and I also can't connect any new WiFi devices because the eero has no WPS b...

Deefer by Popular Poster
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Why does my phone keep cutting off after about 5 minutes now on full fibre

new digital phone service being introduced in 2025?

I understand that phone calls will be only available when I join up to digital telephone services when they are introduced next year?I have had an email from BT inviting me to do just that. What are your propsals for this new service?