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Crackling line

Hi,I wonder if you check my phone line it seems to crackle a lot when I am making a phone call.The line tests do not seem to be working well. I recently updated to future fibre with city fibre. My phone line and my broadband now come down separate co...

jstype by Super Duper Contributor
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Inbound and Outbound calls dropping router sync

Hi, I've had intermittent sync issues for a couple of months now (the connection was rock solid for a couple of years @80/20 - but now intermittently syncs at anything between 40-60/15-20) I've noticed router stats wise the maximum rate is usually ju...

Pete_G by Team Player
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Disgusting service.

I'm sorry but an absolutely disgusting service from TalkTalk.Last October my elderly parents told me they were experiencing a very crackling line when making or receiving phone calls. There not totally comfortable with using the Internet including on...

Sean1969 by Chatterbox
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I cannot use the landline and broadband at the same time

I have used this service for over five years now and everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago.If I have the broadband connected then there is an awful hiss on the line and if I ring the house from my mobile it goes straight to voicemail. If di...

Noisy line & phone disconnects calls

Hi I started a post about slow fibre but also have noticed out landline is very noisy & today it dropped 2 calls. We have our grandad living with us so is quite important. I spoke on the live chat to someone who did some tests & said an engineer woul...

Bad line

I have been getting repeated calls which stop with no ID.Later I checked the line and it is very noisy like a bad connection.My broadband sometimes disconnects when I test the line with the phone and then reconnects.I have tried connecting the phone ...

xyzbird by Conversation Starter
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Bad crackling on landline

I have bad crackling on my talktalk landline.........Done every troubleshooting tip that TT ask to be tried..........Bought a brand new hardwired phone yesterday too and tried that and same crackling on that too, also tried a third phone I got a loan...

Landline issue

I have no dial tone on my home phone and I am unable to make or receive calls. I have tried switching out the phone (cordless to corded) and testing the phone in the master socket, but this has made no difference. I suspect the issue is an external o...

ally247 by First Timer
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Crackling phoneline

My phone line crackles so bad it is hard to hear what people are saying. I have been able to get another phone, unplugged my own and removed all the DSL filters to see if it our phone that is at fault but the crackling persist.

Tania P by Chatterbox
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Intermittent phone problem

Yesterday my phone started only ringing once for incoming calls. The line was very crackly. Outgoing calls were possible(but crackly). I complained on Chat and was waiting for an engineer to come round. Today the problem has vanished. This has happen...

scfenton by Conversation Starter
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Landline not receiving calls

I can make outgoing calls that are as clear as a bell. Anyone trying to ring me just gets crackle and then cut off. I have no idea they are ringing! I have reported the fault yesterday and an engineer is coming on Monday. However, the operator said s...

static noise on landline

Hi i want to follow up an issue and see if you can help me. Ever since people been calling me on the house phone/landline they said there is bad static noise or a bad line but mainly static when someone calls me on the mobile it doesn’t sound clear j...

Noisy, crackly line. UInable to hear callers or make calls

For more than a week or so, I have had a very noisy line when I pickup. This is before dialling or answering a call, or on a call, or whatever.It's a very loud crackling, scrunching sound, similar to a strong wavering static, or a packet of crisps* b...

Landline faulty, broadband works

My landline phone is faulty, no dialling tone. Tried phoning my landline phone from mobile. It will ring but unable to connect when answering. TT have advised no problem their end & I have carried out all checks on my phone equipment and cables etc. ...

Crackly line

Our line is very crackly (and our neighbour has reported the same thing). I have tried three different handsets and use the test socket in the master socket and the crackling is the same.

bench1 by First Timer
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Crackle on telephone

For several months, my landline phone has had a severe crackle. It is not always present and there are times when the line is completely clear. I have tried using different landline phones and have changed the ADSL filters without success. Occasional...

RoyD8 by Team Player
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Noisy landline

I was offered an engineer but declined to have one the noise on my landline is now constant, would it be possible to get one out. Thank you

Crackling noise on phone line

Hi, recently we are experiencing crackling noise on the phone line that makes it very hard to hear the person we are talking too. Please could you run a line check from your end to check for a fault, and advise what further action we can take.

Trig123456 by Conversation Starter
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land line needs checking

while having problems right now the main one is no land line, without online chat there is no alternative but to use my pay as you go mobile. I need a line check on my number to register the problem. confused where to go with this?

Internet disconnects

Hello againSometimes when we receive a phone call the internet disconnects with a flashing amber light on the router then gradually reconnects and the phone line crackles. Any ideas.?Thanks.

Super crackly line. Have done all the tests.

Can I get an engineer to check it out without having to go through the pain of the chat again. I believe the case is just paused as they wanted to send someone round to my house. I believe the fault is on the line though and can probably be picked up...

nonsense by Team Player
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Multiple issues with home phone

Hello, we have been experiencing the following issues with out home phone: 1) Since the ringtone has changed, our phone handset answering machine is not able to answer the call, so no messages can be left2) Caller display does not work sometimes when...

rindr by First Timer
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