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Get help with your TalkTalk landline and calling features.

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Standard voicemail not working

For some time now incoming calls just keep ringing. Rings/cuts off after about 10 rings but voicemail doesn't pick up. The Standard Voicemail box in my account is ticked. I did used to have this service

Carojac by Visitor
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1571 service has not worked since early April

My Mum has landline only, no internet. I have 3rd party password to go on the TalkTalk Forum as she is partially sighted. She rang TalkTalk on 26/4/24 and reported the issue with her 1571 service not working. The agent advised her that they will repo...

Unable to remove Standard Voicemail

After 3 hours on the call to TalkTalk support, account management and the complaints team no one at TalkTalk seems to know what they're talking about when it comes to disabling Standard Voicemail (VM). I apparently have this but am unable to deactiva...

Voicemail 1571 not available

My voicemail (1571) is not working. I missed a call the other day and there is now a message waiting tone on the line. However, when I dial 1571, I just get a message saying, "Sorry the service requested is not available. Thank you for calling. Pleas...


1. How do you turn voicemail off? 2. Abroad, Spain and Mexico, if voicemail is not accessed is there still a charge for receiving them anyway? Thank you.

voicemail plus.

I switched from Virgin to Talk Talk 6 months ago and my voicemail has never worked, 1571 allows me to set up a custom message, which ive done but it never changes plus incoming calls are never recorded. Iam being charged 1 pound per month for an opti...

gabbydon by First Timer
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How do I delete Voicemail Service (not Voicemail Plus)?

Trying to delete/deactivate my Voicemail service - followed all the on-screen instructions but normal Voicemail not on there, only Voicemail Plus (which is unticked). Have bought a phone with answering machine with a beep & a flashing signal so I kno...

Olivia8 by First Timer
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Voice Mail Icon and Dial Tone not cancelling

Hi,I deleted my last voicemail (by pressing the appropriate number when prompted). However, the voicemail message received icon remains on the phone and the ring tone indicates that a voice mail message is present. When I dial 1571 the response is th...

chris45 by Team Player
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Digital Landline turn off voicemail

Hello,I need to turn off voicemail on my landline which is delivered via a grand stream adapter connected to an eero. Please can someone explain how to do this so that unanswered calls remain unanswered & callers are unable to leave a message. thank ...

Voicemail Plus becomes Voicemail Extra... Where is User Guide?

I discover today that Voicemail Plus has suddenly changed to Voicemail Extra (a friend and TalkTalk customer who thought he was activating Voicemail Plus today, advised me of the change). There doesn't appear to be an online User Guide for the new se...

aa2000 by Enlightened One
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