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Don’t know the difference between your call divert and your call forward, well don’t worry. Why not ask our community a question today?
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ComplainIf you want your voice mail to work either your own or TalkTalk's when a witheld number (NHS Etc) or a non approved number (ie one you did not know would call you), then do NOT use Call Safe as it is not compatible. A CEO (Adam) has been made...

SteevRed by First Timer
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No phoneline and internet intermittent

We’ve had no home phone for weeks now and the internet keeps cutting out. There is no dial tone so I can’t phone out and when there is an incoming call the phone rings but I can’t answer it. I’ve tried different handsets, cables and microfilters and ...

Brenda53 by First Timer
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Telephone Fault

My father lives on his own, has vascular dementia with my mum having passed away We have power of attorney for my father but Talk Talk are failing to help us out and we have the account username/email address His home phone service does not work in t...

Dead land line

My land line was so noisy I couldn't hear callers. It is now dead. I've tried all the suggestions on Help page - changing phones to different connections but no joy. Any ideas please?

marganne by First Timer
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nhs homeworker

Hello, I am a mental health nurse currently working from home a couple of days a week. at the moment my contract gives me free calls evening and weekends, but i premium price to make calls during the day. can this be changed or amended as i need to m...

Anytime Calls

TalkTalk should look at their charges for anytime calls boost currently £12 per month, it is astonishing that this charge is so high when you are offering mobile deals with plenty of minutes included from £5 per month this also includes texts and dat...

TrevorW1 by Conversation Starter
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My Calling Circle - updating not working

Several times I have tried to update my Calling Circle, but it fails each time with the message “your calling circle could not be updated at this time, please try again later.” This is unacceptable. When will the problem be fixed, please?


I'm a single mum to 2 young kids. My house phone not working. My line is down and I rely on this as I have a poorly son. My mobile phone has no signal where I live. Please get in touch.


How about providing a telephone number that one can can to report a fault that does just loop back to where you started? How about putting customers before profit and make it not just easy, but POSSIBLY to contact you. How about having a proper compl...

Re activate my home phone number

Hi. When trying to make a call from my house phone number obscured for customer security it's automatically putting me through to TalkTalk to reactivate my house phone number. I’ve had engineer this morning at 8am and my line is fine, he recommended ...


Just been invited to activate CallSafe.I did this a few years ago and had problems - Have these been fixed?The call could be from a hospital (who usually withhold their number) and you would want to know why they were calling! Details from my previou...

JSTalk by Participant
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Really disappointed over phone boost

Can anyone explain why I have had an email increasing my Calls Boost by £2 per month from January 2020? I signed an 18 months contract in June 2019 and was led to believe that the contract prices would not increase during the period of the contract. ...

roy5051uk by Popular Poster
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Mums Last Caller Barring cannot add number

Trying to use last call barring on my Mum's account when I press 2 I wait a while and then say it's not working or something like that. Do not want to use call save for other reasons. Any help on this one.

Graham7 by Super Duper Contributor
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voicemail limit of 10 messages

The voicemail limit of 10 messages is too few. We go away for more than a month at a time & it means messages can't be left after a max of 10. We didn't realise this until returning from our holiday. This needs resolving or we will need to make alter...

RastaSam by Popular Poster
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Appalling customer service

I am a victim of Talk Talk's appalling customer service. They were supposed to connect my telephone line on a given day but failed to turn up. When I phoned them, I was told the engineers had done a test and I am already connected. I categorically am...

Openreach engineer visit/repair

Hi Please can I have a engineer to visit please . For vthe second time this month my room all talk has gone down , I've lost out on approx 12 days of service .

Latest scam

Howlong does it take for a number to be barred? I am asking because I have had several calls this afternoon from a number I barred earlier today. I had hoped that number would be barred immediately, but they are still calling about an hour after I bl...

danco by Super Duper Contributor
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did you disconnect my phone line pray tell?

My parents landline is still disconnected. My Dad is 88 with Alzheimer’s, Mum is deaf with a knee replacement. The lifeline service is connected to the landline. This is an EMERGENCY. Tel no obscured for customer security