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Home Phone

Get help with your TalkTalk landline and calling features.

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Cannot dial a particular 0208 number

Does anyone have any ideas about this? I am a TT customer with an 01372 landline number, my girlfriend is a Virgin Media customer with an 0208 landline number. Two weeks ago (July 8th) I suddenly became unable to get through on her landline number, t...

Landline not working

My landline is not working…no dial tone.. it’s not the telephone as I have just tried a new one.. internet working fine. People phoning me get ‘line busy’.

Lizzie-S by Participant
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Home phone can receive calls but can't ring out

Did a home swap on 21st June 2024. Had talktalk phone and broadband at the old house and everything worked great for many years. Told talktalk about the move, and that I wanted the same service at the new address. Filled out home move thing on the we...

One-way only calls on full fibre

Ever since switching to full fibre (in the hope that it might resolve the regular line distortion during calls) I now find that 50% of the time, when someone calls me, they can hear me clearly but all I hear is silence. If I call them straight back i...

JuneN by Repeat Guest
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intermittently can't talk to callers by phone

People cannot hear me talking on the phone, intermittently (1 in 3 calls). I can hear them Line check for home phone said "Our diagnostic tool picked up on a potential issue but to help us understand what’s going on you’ll need to run a more in depth...

drking by Team Player
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Landline Saga

Hi About 3 or so weeks ago I reported an issue with my landline to TalkTalk Tech Support. The issue is that intermittently (but frequently) callers to my landline complain that my voice is distorted, making it very difficult for them to understand me...

ab5000 by First Timer
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Home landline not working correctly

High amount of noise nearly drowning out dial tone.Cannot dial out.Phone rings once on incoming call then stops, when phone is picked up can only hear dial tone.NTE 5C MK 4 main telephone socket, all testing done from the test outlet within NTE 5C MK...

igmit by First Timer
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No Outgoing VoIP Phone Calls

Incoming calls and broadband working, but outgoing gives an 'unobtainable' tone after dialling.Tried all the usual guff, no response from TalkTalk or Chat Line after 2 hours.Can anyone verify whether TalkTalk actually still exist?

Tosh by Popular Poster
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My phone will not allow me to make calls, there is no dialling tone but I can receive calls. I tried a new phone but it made no difference

Elderly Vulnerable Parents with no phone or internet service

Around mid-day today my parent's Talk Talk line stopped working for voice and broadband. This is a massive concern because they are very elderly, both are disabled, my father has a serious heart condition and breathing difficulties and I live 100mile...

PaulD_48 by Popular Poster
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Home landline not working properly

Hi there, I've been using TalkTalk as a backup broadband service for a while now (a good fallback when Virgin Media frequently goes down) and have just started to try and use the telephone side of that line. I have one of those BT boxes with a separa...

Landline not working

Landline not working. When handset picked up we are getting an engaged tone. Phone has not been used today REMOVED Internet seems ok

Phone line down, broadband fine

Issue with my phone line in the 01709 area this morning. Unable to make outbound calls or receive inbound calls, the line is bleeping when attempting to make a call, and neither handset is on the line. Inbound calls go straight to voicemail. No issue...

Grandstream permanently engaged

Made one phone call out this morning and since then cannot call out as always get engaged tone.Have tried switching off eero and grandstream 3 times.Have reset grandstream to no avail.Have tried to call in on my mobile and get a horrible echoing nois...

Gleha by Conversation Starter
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home phone

i have an intermittent problem with the phone, i tried calling TT but cant get to speak to a human, i tried live chat but they just read a script that the problem doesnt fall into, i have asked them to phone me to discuss it but they refuse saying th...

andrew66 by Chat Champion
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no home phone for a week

I received a call on new years eve, since then my landline has no dialling tone and when anyone tries to ring my landline it is saying I am on the phone. I have been told to remove the front off the box to try and see if I can put the phone connectio...