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We Have No Dialling Tone,are Unable To Make Or Receive Calls. We've Done What We Are Able To Do. Can You Please Test Our Landline For Any Fault. Thanks.

No dail tone, unable to contact Talktalk

I've tried to make a phone call on out talktalk landline but don't get a dialing tone. Just sounds like when we last made a call the line hasn't droped/been put down correctley by the BT/Openreach system? I can rub the mic on our phone and hear it th...

Pacman69 by Chat Champion
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Inbound and Outbound calls dropping router sync

Hi, I've had intermittent sync issues for a couple of months now (the connection was rock solid for a couple of years @80/20 - but now intermittently syncs at anything between 40-60/15-20) I've noticed router stats wise the maximum rate is usually ju...

Pete_G by Team Player
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I have used this service for over five years now and everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago.If I have the broadband connected then there is an awful hiss on the line and if I ring the house from my mobile it goes straight to voicemail. If di...

Franky10 by First Timer
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Permanent Engaged Tone

Hi there,I would like to report a fault on our line please. The home phone is permanently engaged and we cannot make or receive calls. Our Internet is unaffected. Service status shows no faults and the line test has passed, however there is definitel...

SlowV6 by Popular Poster
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I can't always break dial tone

Had this problem for quite some time, in that I sometimes I simply can't break dial tone and call a number; although it'll work on the 2nd or 3rd attemptPlus on occasions the recipient can’t hear me, and I need to redial and pick up a different conne...

Phone line physically down, in a dangerous state.

Can't easily get to chat as it never works, but the wind has brought the line down and its laying on the floor across the front of several properties. still works, but it's going to need an urgent fix.Please dispatch openreach to my location to fix m...

No landline but internet is working

I have the same problem like others - landline has gone dead since Jan 4th. No dialing tone and I cannot make or receiving calls. Internet is working fine. Reported the fault to TT on 6 Jan through automated phone system and received a text saying th...

lon16bu7 by First Timer
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Outgoing calls issue for several days

Incoming calls are OK.On Sunday 14-Nov I could not make any outgoing calls - get dial tone, dial the digits, then constant high-pitched tone. Helpdesk ran tests said all OK from their perspective and are sending an engineer. On Monday 15-Nov I could ...

VinnyNaz by Chatterbox
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Landline won’t dial out

Since yesterday I cannot phone any outbound phone callsit dials then it’s just a dead dial tone it will ring mobile numbers but not local numbers and I can receive calls ok please helpthanks

Julie59 by First Timer
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Can't dial out

I'd like to report that I cannot dial out on my landline. I get the dialing tone but when it dials out I get a continuous tone and it won't connect with the dialled number. Please could someone look into this issue for me.Thanks in anticipation.K

glanman by Conversation Starter
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Calls cutting out intermitently

Hi,I have recently purchased a Gigaset cordless phone and calls cut off randomly.At around the same time TT supplied me with a new Router.Could the Router have any effect on my phone line?

Moony by Conversation Starter
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Landline connection not great

Good morningMy landline connection is poor.Incoming calls - sometimes I can hear the caller when I answer, sometimes not.Outgoing calls - Sometimes I can ring out, sometimes the connecting line is fuzzy.

Offley by Team Player
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difficulty ringing out on land line

I am having issues ringing out on my land line. I have dialing tone OK, but when I dial a number I want to contact I get a single constant tone. Tried a couple of phone numbers both land line and mobile and get a similar result on about 50% of the nu...

Can't make outgoing calls on landline

Hi there,We get a dial tone but cant' make outgoing calls from our TalkTalk landline. We can receive incoming calls and the broadband is fine.. We did recently have a problem with receiving calls which then corrected itself (I think this may have bee...

llanfair by Popular Poster
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No landline old lady living on own

My mum has no landline. Constant engaged tone when calling her. Lives on own, really needs landline and has emergency alarm. Tried calling support but closed, tried online chat, no reply in 2 hours.

Rocklord by First Timer
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Unable to make calls - internet fine

I've tried about 8 times to make a call to South Africa today (mobile number in SA). several of teh calls went to an IVR line "allowance used" - but 2 rang, only to have no audio when I got a connection. I call the person from my mobile (not with Tal...

Landline is dead

Hello. Yesterday our landline quality was very poor, then it died altogether. I logged on at 19.00 hrs to a chat-room for 75 minutes during which Jessette asked me lots of questions and we achieved nothing. We were supplied a new router earlier this ...

Landline not working

Hello My landline is not working properly. I have a dial tone but when calling anyone, no matter who, its engaged. I cannot receive incoming calls, I have dialled it from a mobile and it immediately cuts off as if it doesn't exist. Please help. I hav...

gmac190 by Whizz Kid
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Cannot connect to another TalkTalk number

My daughter has a TalkTalk account, her landline number is obscured for customer security. When we ring the number from our landline it rings once and then disconnects. I do not have this problem if I call her from her mobile.