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No landline but internet is working

I have the same problem like others - landline has gone dead since Jan 4th. No dialing tone and I cannot make or receiving calls. Internet is working fine. Reported the fault to TT on 6 Jan through automated phone system and received a text saying th...

no phone service

Hi, I've had no dial tone and cannot make calls for the last couple of weeks,If you ring my phone it just sounds like its ringing to the caller but my phone does not ring.I've checked everything obvious my end. I've tried reporting but the phone numb...

TonyW3 by Chatterbox
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i was wondering why no phne calls to my hme today then my sn rang my mobile says he been rining our house number since 5th jan 2022 he says its rings frm him but here we d not hear it ring so looked at phnes they all say check phone line this is seco...

hood128 by Enlightened One
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Land line problem

Hi, Just been told that we are not receiving incoming calls on our landline. I can make out going calls but if I try to call my landline number from my mobile I get not tone at all, no ring tone or busy tone.

No landline

Hi, any help please?Landlines has no dial tone. Changed phone over to a different one, plugged directly into master socket, still no dial tone. Broadband seems OK.Help....

Vulnerable neighbour Openreach fault

I have next door neighbours both in their eighties. Last night we had to make a 999 call for them. One is terminally ill and very poorly, the other has little idea of how to report things and is no good with anything technical. They have no mobile an...

No landline & slow fibre broadband

I have two problems which started on 26/11/21: I am unable to make or receive telephone calls. There is no dial tone and if I call my number, it rings on the connecting phone (suggesting no faults, to the caller) but doesn't ring on my receiving land...

CPS76 by Popular Poster
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No landline/internet

We lost our landline and therefore internet on Friday 26th November during the storm. On Saturday morning I did a connection test and it came back track fault. I received an email that openreach would fix the fault within 2 to 3 working days. I was t...

jdm1982 by Chatterbox
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Landline not working

My landline developed a fault about 2 weeks ago. No dialling tone and incoming calls do not cause phone to ring in the house. Broadband still works OK. I reported this and a Talktalk engineer visited my house about one week ago. He said the fault was...

No incoming or outgoing calls on landline

Bad crackling on the line last week. Changed batteries. Cannot now make any calls in or out. Thought it was the phone so bought a new one. Same issue. No dial tone either. When I call it from my mobile, it rings but can't receive call. Is this a prob...

Scotia55 by Conversation Starter
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No dial tone on home phone.

Lost dial tone on home phone landline since yesterday. Completely dead. Just renewed my contract!. If I ring in to my number XXXXXXX REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS call-safe intercept cuts in, but then just keeps ringing with no response from home phon...

robbo39 by First Timer
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Apparently callers getting permanent Engaged tone for last 2-3 days. Tried to dial out but no Dial tone and unable to dial out. Plugged phone straight into main socket but same result both No Dial tone out and Engaged tone in. Grateful for some help.

Phone line fault again (worse than last time) + Question

Again my phone line is dead, this happened last year although it's slightly different this time, last time there was some life, this time it's completely dead, no dial tone, no outgoing or incoming calls, when I call from my mobile it goes directly t...

Cutie by Popular Poster
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Landline issue

I have no dial tone on my home phone and I am unable to make or receive calls. I have tried switching out the phone (cordless to corded) and testing the phone in the master socket, but this has made no difference. I suspect the issue is an external o...

ally247 by First Timer
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No dial tone

We had a lift and shift done three weeks ago as caller id wasn’t working. That solved the problem but today, November 9th, I’ve come home to find no dial tone. The internet works okay. I’ve spoken to talk talk who did various checks but said the line...

Steve106 by Team Player
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no landline telephone

Hello,Just went live today.New internet works ok, but unable to make and recieve phone calls.Able to use phone this morning while still with BT. However, since going live I cannot use the phone. I've tried all the suggestions on talktalk website, I'v...

humpy58 by Chatterbox
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No landline

Today our landline displays the message 'Please check phone connection.' We've no dial tone and no incoming calls. I've plugged the phone into the the test socket but no effect.Broadband is OK. I reported this online and got a text saying everything ...

lagil70 by First Timer
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no service

Words on telephone: Check Phone Line Unable to use *removed for security* David Roth


My mum has no landline. Constant engaged tone when calling her. Lives on own, really needs landline and has emergency alarm. Tried calling support but closed, tried online chat, no reply in 2 hours.

Phone and internet problems

Hi, We've had some internet issues recently which were reported and seemed to get resolved. However today my wife tried to call the house and recieved the voicemail service. On checking the phone line was just producing an engaged tone and calls were...


I need someone to test my 93 year old Uncles telephone line A.S.A.P. I've added his phone number to my profile under the section: "custom.profile.alternative_number" He tried calling me tonight and all I heard was silence. I phone him it says he's on...

daavv by Conversation Starter
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Fault on landline, No dial tone.

No dial tone. I have disconnected phone from socket on wall, also base/handset. Checked power supply and batteries. Please test the landline.Openreach were working on the pole opposite last week and this morning arrived further up the roadI am 77 and...