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Home Phone

Get help with your TalkTalk landline and calling features.

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Land line not working.

Connected phone as directed. No dialing tone.Calls go straight to voice mail.Swapped handsets with no positive results.

Phone is saying check line cord

Been on holiday got back and phone is saying check line cord. Have done this and unplugged everything and had the landline tested and they have said everything is running smoothly. Cannot receive or make calls. Do you think there is a problem with th...

Pamdan by Sightseer
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Copper Landline does not work

My account number is [removed] and landline no. is [removed].I am still paying for a copper landline service but my phone display says "check phone line". I cannot receive or make landline calls.My fibre connection is fine but it hasn't been converte...

Brady49 by First Timer
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Since Monday 3days ago talk talk and openreach were doing some work on the network and since then I cannot make or receive calls.i have tried trouble shooting and have been scammed by connecting to an online engineer.luckily the bank spotted it in ti...

No Land Line Dial Tone

No Dial Tone - Can't Dial Out - Can't Receive Calls.As of around 19:00 on 17 June 2024 no dial tone on landline.Auto Test reported as REP-14433498Internet working fine.

Landline incoming calls ring but dead when pick up

Recently had a black-out and almost immediate restart. 2 or 3 days ago Just realise incoming calls ring pick up phone zilch, nothing, dead as a door nail! outgoing calls work OK. Switch both boxes off/on with appropriate time gap still the same. Phon...

Getting my land line working and my account sorted

Been trying to get my land line sorted since the 7th. Used up all my mobile, pay as you go annual cost tryiing to get it sorted so can't contact them except by the INTERNET gone round in circles for 4 hours there; very bad tempered now. Rang about by...

wasred by First Timer
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Home Phone not working

Full fibre was installed on Monday now I have no phone service. I have followed all your advice on how to get this back but it is still not working. I need the engineer who installed to return today, not tomorrow or next week, today

BettyR by First Timer
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home phone

My landline has not been working since new router was installed on May 8th, I have tried various ways to get this problem resolved eg online technical support, text messages, calling from my mobile etc. An engineer was supposed to come on 20th May bu...

stoville by First Timer
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Landline problem

HiMy landline has not been working for some time (can't work out who to contact).The handset shows a message 'line cord error, please check'.Apparently the line sounds as though it is connecting, it rings for the caller, but not in my home.Please can...

pdw204 by Popular Poster
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Phone not working when plugged in to splitter

I have just set up my broadband that works fine. I can’t get a dialling tone on my phone when it is plugged in via the splitter. If I plug my phone direct into the socket it works fine. I have tried another splitter but get the same result.

vulnerable customer

It's out of hours my phone line isn't working, and the bots don't help and there's on one to fix the problem or log the issue. All that happens is that the bot says ring in the morning. What if as a vulnerable customer I need an ambulance?

Digital Voice Adapter

I no longer have landline connection after having fibre installed with eero. I believe I need a digital voice adapter for my cordless phone - how do I obtain one?

Billymak by First Timer
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No phones working

Hi , my landline started playing up , then got worse and worse , can’t ring out at all now and incoming calls are full of background noise if the calls get through at all , internet , wifi tv all work perfectly , have disconnected phones , still not ...

Catsno1 by First Timer
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Since having new router installed on 8th May, my landline has stopped working. An engineer was booked to visit 20th May at 9 a-m, but no one showed up, Please help as I am paying for a service that I am not getting. stovillle

stoville by First Timer
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Calls not working (no sound)

Hi, Since Thursday we've been having a problem that both inbound and outbound calls don't work. Inbound calls just don't register at all. For outbound calls, it will show as dialing on the phone screen (with no sound) but no call is received on the o...

MeganK by Popular Poster
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Phone dead, but broadband working

I reported that my phone was dead on the 25th May, but I have had no update to say what is happening or when. There is no dial tone and inbound callers get an engaged tone and then it cuts out. The digital display on my phone says 'check phone line'....