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Get help with your TalkTalk landline and calling features.

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unlimited calls

How do I cancel an unlimited UK call boost when it is not shown on the table of boosts?

michee by Visitor
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What exactly is evening and weekend calls boost?

karmaman by First Timer
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Cancel landline

I have had to change my package which has now gone up so I only what broadband . Don’t use home landline very much

UK Unlimited Calls

May I have the option to choose UK unlimited calls without a contract £ 16 per month. Thanks.

Zeeshan1 by First Timer
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Phone boost

Why has my payment gone up as to phone boost when I don’t have a phone, cannot access this boost on my account thanks

International Calling Boost

I no longer need the Internationaal Calls Boost. It's costing me £9.00 a month. Not clear how I can delete it. Any one out there?Thanks

Caller display still not working

Hello everybody,I've got an ongoing issue with caller display which hasn't been working since TalkTalk repaired a landline fault in March.I posted here previously about this a couple of weeks ago and had some initial responses but I haven't received ...

Joanne41 by Popular Poster
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Why can't I remove/cancel an add-on in My Account?

I'd like to remove/cancel an Add-on but it doesn't appear in the table of choices, but I am being charged for it (heavily!). Also, the hours state they are open on a Sunday, and I can't get hold of anyone (i.e. phone or Chat function). Thank you for ...

Phone Boosts

I cannot remove my any time phone call boost of £16 per month. The links to remove phone boosts in 'My Account' are not working. I do not use the land line enough to need this boost any longer, but I do want to keep the line open.

annw44 by First Timer
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Caller display and managing my account online not working

Hello everyone,My landline was recently faulty and l had no service for one month. It was eventually repaired at the end of March but, since then, caller display has stopped working and just says 'incoming call' when the phone rings. Caller display s...

Joanne41 by Popular Poster
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Call boost

Does the call boost include calls to mobiles as well as all uk numbers?

Ive Scrapped my Call Boosts

Hi, I had a fair bit of misleading information given to me today by the operative Ellen in a chat room.So if you dont mind I wanted to confirm some details please. As we are now wel, and truly in the smartphone age, I thought there was no need for oi...

anonymous caller reject

From day 1, does not work.Incoming calls are not stopped, simply show "number withheld"Have tried switching off and then on. Still naff.Chat equates to watching paint dryImpossible to speak to anyone, except on sales of course

Call packages

I am paying for UK call boost and International call boost but the International one says that it includes UK landline and mobile calls, but the advisor online said it doesn’t … who/what is correct?They also claim that Republic of Ireland is not on l...

Mulluck by First Timer
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The price for International boosts is less than the UK. The International info is showing exactly the same detail, i.e. UK unlimited calls plus International calls. I don't understand this.

SUEBANKS by First Timer
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I thought these were free but I've been charged for them on my latest bill. (I had given up my calls boost by the way)

SUEBANKS by First Timer
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Unlimited Call boost

Hello,My free 'Unlimited Call Boost' expires on the 16th March according to my account details. I can't afford to pay for the Boost, so if I want to cancel, can I wait until 15th March to do this, or does it depend on the billing date etc? I just don...

International boost

The site wont let me add the international boost. it tells me I can only add one international boost at a time but I dont have any other boosts

TalkTalk landline blocking calls from BT/EE and O2

Good afternoon, I have been experiencing a problem with my landline for the last few months whereby callers using BT/EE or O2 providers have been unable to make incoming calls to my number. They all report hearing either the engaged tone or the “the ...

Talktalk boosts 240224.jpg talktalk callsafe 240224.jpg
NJR83 by Team Player
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Chat not working

Hi,I need to cancel a boost from next month but the chat is not working. Is it something that I can do here, please?

Can't remove UK Unlimited Calls Boost.

Problem's in the title. I see many other reports of the same thing. My account is also offering an International Calls Boost for.....unlimited UK calls! Sort it out would you. Thanks.

bert1234 by First Timer
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