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Disgusting service.

I'm sorry but an absolutely disgusting service from TalkTalk.Last October my elderly parents told me they were experiencing a very crackling line when making or receiving phone calls. There not totally comfortable with using the Internet including on...

Sean1969 by Chatterbox
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Openreach appointment to move socket - help needed

Almost a week ago , I had an openreach engineer visit my property to move a master socket . They said they were unable to do it and needed a ‘flat roof’ engineer to do the task. (The socket ismoving to another part of the house and the engineer said ...

Landline dead

REP-11107836 is the fault reference number.Can an OCE please arrange for landline calls to be diverted to my mobile, urgently. Please PM me if you don't have my mobile number.A few days ago an Openreach engineer spent an entire day fault-finding in t...

davecm by Whizz Kid
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Cannot make or receive calls

Cannot get through to chat line.Have reported this via mobile and had a reply that my broadband is fine !I know that it is fine - it was the landline that I was reporting as defective.Will someone check it out or has my call been crossed off ?

grandude by Chatterbox
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No Phone Line

HI, On Monday Evening 21/02/22 at 19:19hrs I initiated a report of loss of dial tone on my landline after going through the process with TalkTalk chatline with Hanna and later Kathlyn who after running tests said there was a problem and arranged a no...

grouser by Philosopher
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Exposed wiring in junction box on outside wall of house.

I have exposed wires due to a junction box cover blowing off outside my house. I have contacted Openreach and they say I MUST contact my provider, and they will contact them. Although my phone and internet still work fine, I guess it's only a matter ...

Exposed wiring in outside terminal box on telegraph pole

Due to the high winds of late, the pole mounted terminal box lid has blown off exposing the internal wiring to the elements and already there is a faint crackle on the landline. I have my landline with talk talk now so who do I contact to report the ...

TalkTail want me to book an engineer

I have had the road dug up & BT re jointed my connection after losing my landline. Everything apears to be working now but every time I do a line test it says there is a fault & I need an engineer but I may have to pay?Why do I need an engineer if ev...

andysue by Super Duper Contributor
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Open Reach

I need Talk Talk to raise a job with Open Reach and the latter have told me that.I have a damaged cable running loosely over the hall floor, it’s exposing its inner wires (which I fear may effect my phone line) and is a trip hazard (which I fear coul...

Janet 62 by First Timer
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Equipment and Sockets Moved To Another Room?

All our sockets and everything to do with our Broadband sockets are under my disabled husbands hospital bed, we desperately need it all moving so it is more accessible. We would need someone to do it for us though, who?

Moving phone line

Good evening. I am having some building work done on my house in a few months and part of that work is moving the front door. However, the phone line that is attached to the outside wall (where the line comes out of the ground) will be in the way. Th...

PhilG by Conversation Starter
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No landline & slow fibre broadband

I have two problems which started on 26/11/21: I am unable to make or receive telephone calls. There is no dial tone and if I call my number, it rings on the connecting phone (suggesting no faults, to the caller) but doesn't ring on my receiving land...

CPS76 by Popular Poster
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Noisy line & phone disconnects calls

Hi I started a post about slow fibre but also have noticed out landline is very noisy & today it dropped 2 calls. We have our grandad living with us so is quite important. I spoke on the live chat to someone who did some tests & said an engineer woul...

Landline not working

My landline developed a fault about 2 weeks ago. No dialling tone and incoming calls do not cause phone to ring in the house. Broadband still works OK. I reported this and a Talktalk engineer visited my house about one week ago. He said the fault was...

Dangerous fault

I am trying to get through to you as we have an urgent fault. A cable outside is loose due to an eye bolt which has come out of the wall. BT Open Reach are next door and have advised to report this fault urgently as it is dangerous. Please can you se...

Intermittent phone problem

Yesterday my phone started only ringing once for incoming calls. The line was very crackly. Outgoing calls were possible(but crackly). I complained on Chat and was waiting for an engineer to come round. Today the problem has vanished. This has happen...

scfenton by Conversation Starter
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Phone and internet problems

Hi, We've had some internet issues recently which were reported and seemed to get resolved. However today my wife tried to call the house and recieved the voicemail service. On checking the phone line was just producing an engaged tone and calls were...


Last Saturday (23/102021) a BT engineer was working outside our house fixing our neighbours phone line. In the process he disconnected our phone and internet. I contacted Talktalk who said an engineer would come out within 2-3 working days. This has ...

terryo68 by Team Player
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Master Socket move

HiWe're getting french doors installed in our living room, we will be removing the window and radiator below to accommodate the fit.Unfortunately, the master socket is situated right next to the window prompting an engineer call out to move it, we wi...

Home phone dead

There is no sound at all on my phone. I have tried suggestions. I rely on my phone line. Please helpThanks

Noisy, crackly line. UInable to hear callers or make calls

For more than a week or so, I have had a very noisy line when I pickup. This is before dialling or answering a call, or on a call, or whatever.It's a very loud crackling, scrunching sound, similar to a strong wavering static, or a packet of crisps* b...

No internet or landline since 10/09/2021

I was due set up after moving to New address openreach engineer called on 10/09/2021 due to go active by midnight. Contacted talk talk on Saturday 11/09/2021 and was given engineer date for 14/09/2021 between 13.00 and 18.00 as no Internet or landlin...

Duncan9 by First Timer
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TT advised fault fixed - not fixed not even a phone line

Talk talk advised me of fault yesterday, an hour ago saying it is fixed, not fixed at all and not even a phone line, spent over an hour on phone this morning being told I need a new router, would not listen when I tried to explain existing fault

Clumper by First Timer
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