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Unable to remove Standard Voicemail

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After 3 hours on the call to TalkTalk support, account management and the complaints team no one at TalkTalk seems to know what they're talking about when it comes to disabling Standard Voicemail (VM). I apparently have this but am unable to deactivate it through My Account. TalkTalk staff are also unable to deactivate Standard Voicemail. We can all activate/deactivate Voicemail Plus (VM+). There is a link here (Using TalkTalk voicemail - TalkTalk Help & Support) that explains charges for retrieving VM of 2p per retrieval when dialing 1571 from your landline, however no information about deactivating it. TalkTalk staff also (1) denied of VM on my line, (2) Cut me off once (3) Sent me instructions for Mobile VM, (4) Claimed that the VM I picked up by dialing 1571 was on my telephone equipment! Are they just inept, incompetent or what?

This is a simple ask, how does one disable Standard Voicemail?  Complaint ref. CMP-657184 [ET-752450].


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Just tried it and this is now resolved. Thank you for your prompt assistance. BR


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Hi @crossedwires


I can see what the problem is,  On the account it doesn't show as active, However I can see its active on the network side  


So I have asked the network team to disable it directly, it can take anywhere between 2 hours and 24 hours  to update. 


Ill check it for you tomorrow.