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Celebrating success at York Press Business Awards 2019

We were incredibly proud to be the headline sponsor of the prestigious York Press Business Awards once again this year and to have the opportunity to meet many York businesses at this important annual event and to share in celebrating their success and achievement.

York has always been a leader and it will soon become our first Ultra Fibre Optic city as we approach completion of our full fibre rollout to 55,000 homes and businesses early next year.

We chose York because it is recognised as a flourishing and ambitious digital city and has the vision to grow. Being at the business awards was a wonderful opportunity for us to see first-hand the innovation, drive, passion and strong sense of community which are the driving force behind the city and what makes it so great!

Ultra Fibre Optic is the future. It is 16 times faster than the UK’s average fibre. It means full fibre all the way into the home or business premises. More stable and reliable than any other types of fibre, it puts an end to buffering, with gigabit speeds and lightning fast downloading, uploading and streaming, no matter how many people are online or how much data is involved.

To put this in context, with gigabit Wi-Fi it is possible for a two-hour HD film to be downloaded in seven seconds or 100 songs to be downloaded in three seconds, but as devices in the home increase the concurrency of use is key – we believe we are future proofing the customer experience for a very long time to come. Perhaps more importantly for businesses, having access to full fibre enables innovative start-ups to compete from a home office and homeworkers can be as effective as those sitting in their corporate workplace.

Having the best internet connectivity will place York as one of the top digital infrastructure cities not only in the UK, but globally too. Currently only around 10% of the UK has access to a full fibre network, far lower than most European countries and so York is leading the way in infrastructure that is going to be the future of the UK economy.

So, it was wonderful to celebrate success and achievement with all the York businesses and to see more than 10 businesses win awards from ‘New Business of the Year’ to ‘Business Innovation of the Year’.

We were particularly delighted to present the coveted Press Business of the Year overall award to Johnsons of Whixley, it was wonderful to see the delight on everyone’s faces as the family firm accepted the award.  

Judges said that the standard of entries were incredibly high this year which was demonstrated throughout the evening as so many fantastic stories about teamwork, determination, and progression were shared. The truly inspiring narratives really demonstrated the sheer amount of hard work that is going on behind the scenes and in some cases has been for many years.

A huge congratulations to all of the finalists and winners, it was a privilege to hear your individual stories and we wish you every success with achieving your business goals.


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