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Foxwood Community Centre received new children’s outdoor play area

TalkTalk Content Team

Children at the Foxwood Community Centre enjoyed playing in the sunshine at the opening of their new outdoor play area that we supported last year.

Residents and volunteers were involved in creating a garden and outdoor space at the centre and required funding to resurface the play area with special ‘Wetpour’ tarmac. Without financial support projects like this can take years to complete, and that’s if they can get the go ahead.

We gladly offered funds towards the project as part of our community programme during the rollout of UFO across the city.


Westfield Ward Councillor Andrew Waller who was at the opening said:

"We are really thrilled with the new playground. Local residents and volunteers have been working really hard to create a lovely outdoor space for everyone and this was the final piece of the jigsaw. We would like to thank York’s UFO from TalkTalk for making this possible!"

Helen Fletcher, Marketing Manager for York’s UFO for TalkTalk said:

"It's wonderful to see the children playing outside and truly heartening to know that we’re able to support the local community with projects like this as we rollout our Ultra Fibre Optic network across the York"

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