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Full fibre facts...Did you know?

TalkTalk Content Team

With UFO, we use full fibre cabling all the way to your home which has a huge advantage over the traditional copper wiring. Fibre can carry more data at incredible speeds and it's also super reliable, so you're guaranteed the best speeds possible no matter how far away you are from the exchange. To learn more about UFO and the benefits of fibre, take a look at our eight top facts.


308km of fibre is already laid in York, with hundreds more to come.


1000Mb are the kinds of speeds you can expect on UFO. Thats 20x faster than the UK's average.



York has the fastest broadband speeds in the UK at 128.9Mb compared to the national average of 44.6Mb.


The average home buyer would be willing to offer an extra £6,500 on a property guaranteed to have excellent broadband speed.



Changes in weather, like temperature, rainfall or storms, do not affect fibre optics in the same way they do with copper lines.


Fibre is low energy. Electricity used to power fibre is significantly less than needed for copper cables.



Only 3% of homes and small businesses in England have access to full fibre, compared to 21% in France and 97% in Japan.


Fibre optics are strands of glass 1/10th the thickness of human hair. They transmit data through light signals.


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