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Get your spook on! - Spooky Halloween Avatars 2018

Community Team

Hey Everyone,

It’s that spooktacular time of the year again and to mark the occasion on the Community we’ve created a new range of fangtastic avatars for our members to use over the Halloween period, or all year round if you wish to do so.


We’d love for you to test out our new range of avatars, tell us your fave and also recommend your favourite eerie Halloween movie or TV show below.

Select one of the following to view the individual avatars:

Witch  Frankenstein  l  Ghost  l  Jason  l  Mummy  l  Pumpkin  Skeleton  Scream  Jigsaw  Clown

Happy Halloween

About OCE_Michelle

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’ve worked at TalkTalk for coming up to 13 years. I originally started in provisioning and voice faults and then complaints within our CEO’s Office, however I now mainly deal with broadband, fibre and router faults.

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Community Manager

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you enjoy the new spooky avatars as much as we did create them. My most scary movie... Hmmm, not sure I have one but my fav has to be Beetlejuice. "Save that one for later..."

Community Team

My favourite scary movie is the original Nightmare on Elm Street, classic! 

TalkTalk Social Team

I love these 🙂 In honour of my Avatar my film has to be IT (the original one) frightened me for years

Community Manager

@Lorrainef Ooo Yeah Tim curry, forgot about IT 🙂 

Community Team

Great new avatars 🙂

TalkTalk Content Team

I love my Halloween avatar! 

TalkTalk Content Team

Not really into scary films, but "The Omen" was a classic.


I love the Halloween avatars! When it comes to scary films though I'm a bit of a whimp I remember the children's movie Monster House terrified me! And before you asked yes I watched it when I was an adult.........

TalkTalk Content Team

I'm so unbelievably excited about this avatar, can I keep it all year round?