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Is ‘Load Rage’ driving your family around the bend this summer?

TalkTalk Content Team

Standard broadband is often overstretched by the demands of modern living, especially during the summer holidays when households are busier than normal. Slow-loading internet grinds Brits gears so much that it overtakes noisy neighbours and finding hair in the plughole as Britain’s biggest household bug-bear.

Brits are losing their cool so frequently that we have coined a term, ‘Load Rage’, to describe this modern-day phenomenon. ‘Load Rage’ is now such a common occurrence, especially during the summer holidays with children off school, that some of us would give up either chocolate or alcohol if faster internet was guaranteed!

With Ultra Fibre Optic, you can say goodbye to ‘Load Rage’ and say hello to ultrafast speeds. Browse online for your next holiday outfits, download your favourite party playlist in seconds for a family BBQ, and keep the kids entertained as they stream their favourite films and TV series across multiple devices, without the fear of dropouts.

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