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Space, no not the final frontier…

Community Manager

Hey Everyone,

Making our community easy to use, helpful and a friendly place is our utmost priority which is why we were a little stumped when we discovered that new members were able to add a space after or before their usernames when joining the community. Whilst this doesn’t have any adverse effects on the community itself it can get a little confusing as it’s possible for two separate users to have almost identical usernames.

We’re now in the process of making some changes so that spaces are no longer available to use in usernames and hope to have this change deployed within the next few days.  If you’re one of our members with a space in their username you’ll be contacted soon by a member of the community team who’ll be removing the spaces.




In the event your username is duplicated with another member we may need to append a number to the end of your username or if you prefer we could change it to something completely different. Feel free to post a comment below if you’ve any other questions about the removal of spaces in usernames


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Hey everyone, I'm your community manager and resident eco warrior on a mission to end single use plastic and a move away from fossil fuels and not to mention, i'm here to help keep the community ticking over each day.

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Although it looks like I am a new member, I am one of the unlucky member of the community that chose a reasonable sounding user name of Hopeful always. Until spaces were wiped out to access the TT community.

I have spent literally hours and hours talking to numerous people within Talk Talk, and getting more and more frustrated. This got progressively worse, that I had to keep repeating myself throughout the conversations, to ensure that "My Account" password was not reset.

The only way I could think was to create a new user name, and raise a question to an OCE for their help in resurrecting my previous account details, in the hope my badges and posts, could be merged into this new username.

Then I spotted someones post with the identical problem to me, that led to your "not the final frontier".

So here I am.  What now.  My urgency and determination for getting back on the community, is I have had a few random unknown telephone calls, with identifiable numbers.

Of course I have blocked them and notified and reported it to TT. But this doesn't get the news out to members  who may be next to get a call from one of the numbers.

I understand someone is actioning making a change to the previous username, which is obviously ideal for all of us, that chose a space, in a reasonable sounding user name.

I hope to hear from you very soon.

I should have added in my post, that I had my previous username "with the space", for almost 3 years. I wonder what the adjusted one will look/be like.

Community Star

I guess it looks like the one you are posting with currently? Any other issues you may have are best posted on the appropriate help section of the forums rather than on this blog.

Community Team

 Hi Hopefully08052018,


I've removed the space from your previous username so that you can continue to use the account, you should have receaved a PM to confirm this. Please let us know if you need any further assistance





Hi does anyone know how to  contact head office or have a phone number for them please.. Cancelled my account due to now Internet or phone, they said they would send engineer out which he didn't turn up. they still send me bills a year on and tell me its my fault. 

Enlightened One


You would almost certainly do better to post your request in the appropriate help section of the forum @Geri63, starting from here .....


....... rather than in this blog, but in the mean time, you may care to view this ........

Community Team

Hi Geri63,


As TheHornedOne has said, if you start a thread in the appropriate support section we'll be happy to help. Please also see our Complaint Process