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New TV hub

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I understand that no recording of programmes is necessary with the new TV hub  as there is a 7 day guide where programmes can be marked for easy recall.

Should I go on holiday for three weeks, how do I then watch the programmes previously marked in the the 7 day guide?



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Using the guide is not the only way to add items to your watch list in MyTV. It's probably the easiest if you know when a programme was on.


It's only shows that are on catch-up that can be added. Not all channels have catch-up apps, so once a programme has been shown you can't go back and watch these. Those that can will have a play arrow next to them.


If the programme is on the "big" 5, then they are likely still there after 3 weeks so a search for the programme should bring it up.


Others such as those on Great are only there for a limited time.


Use Search, then select on demand to find your programmes. Once viewed they will appear in MyTV do if a series you can then select the next episode.


Hope this helps.

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