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Picture quality on the talk talk you view box

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When watching tv on the you view box I am getting very dark pictures and sound quality is very low (is good when watching through HDD) I cannot find menu then setting on you view remote to adjust picture quality can you advise please (I have switched box on/off etc and no changes)


Thanks Eric



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The settings are found under the cog icon, top right on the screen. Use the blue button, then up button to access.


There is though, no way to change the picture brightness etc. The only change is the HDMI display quality to match your TV. Try a different setting to see if it makes a difference. Adjusting the TV's display settings may help too.


As to sound, the volume control on the remote will adjust this. However many people change this to Surround Sound, which automatically sets the volume to 100% and use just the TV to adjust volume. This setting deactivates the box volume control on the remote.

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