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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

new tv box

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recently got a new box took a while to get a usb stick but have now got one. 

i only seem to be able to record the channel I'm watching therefore whats the point?

My last box I could record 2 shows at the same time and get away with watching another or at least watch 1 record 1 and in case you're wondering yes, I'm old school, no I don't want to watch adverts and my 89 year old mum (who i persuaded to change as well) can only just work what she's got never mind go on catch up.

This is not advancement.

Also,  is there a remote with large buttons for my mum?

I have no idea where this goes to and who's going to respond but I do hope someone could help me


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Or buy a cable splitter and lead so you have separate feeds to the box and TV. Then you record 9n the box and watch the TV.

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It is what it is. It is intended for pause/rewind on live TV and you can set remote recordings. If you want multi-channel recording you need to either subscribe to a provider who supplies them, or buy your own on the open market.