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About Netflix

With Netflix you can enjoy TV shows and movies for the whole family from Netflix. All powered by fast, reliable fibre broadband from TalkTalk. World-class entertainment and unlimited fibre broadband. And with everything on one bill, it’s easy to see the value you’re getting. Available on eligible packages with TalkTalk TV.



One bill
Simply add Netflix and receive just one bill with your Broadband, TalkTalk TV and Netflix subscription

No contract
Cancel anytime after 30 days

Stream anywhere
Watch on your TalkTalk TV Hub and any Netflix supported device like a tablet, smartphone, laptop or even online


Netflix Plan comparison

A table showing what's included in each Netflix plan
  Standard with adverts Standard Premium
Monthly Price £4.99 £10.99 £17.99
Video Resolution
(Up to) Subject to device specification
Watch in Full HD Watch in Full HD Watch in Ultra HD
Watch on your TV, computer, mobile and tablet 2 supported devices at a time 2 supported devices at a time 4 supported devices at a time
Downloads 2 supported devices at a time 6 supported devices at a time
No adverts Advert supported. Some movies and TV shows unavailable

Want to know where you can watch Netflix?

If you are having problems with Netflix, we hope to have the answer.


Netflix Support

 Add Netflix

All the information you need to add a Netflix plan

Watch Netflix

With so many ways to watch brilliant entertainment, the whole family can enjoy


My Account

It's easy to manage your Netflix account online through your Netflix My Account

Fix It

We know sometimes things don't always work how they should do. Find simple fixes here


Add Netflix

New to TalkTalk

Customers joining TalkTalk on eligible packages with TalkTalk TV can simply add Netflix when you're creating your broadband and TV package.

You'll be able to activate Netflix once your fibre broadband connection is live. Once you have completed the Netflix activation process, you'll be able to start watching Netflix immediately. If you're an existing Netflix customer, we recommend you sign up to TalkTalk using the same email address as you do with Netflix. This will allow a smooth transfer over so you receive one bill just from us.


Already with TalkTalk

Netflix is available to add on eligible fibre broadband plans. If you're already with us, check your current plan eligibility and any upgrade options in My Account.


Once you receive your activation email you should activate it as soon as possible. Your activation link will expire after 7 days. You'll receive your Netflix activation email within 24 hours of your fibre broadband going live.

Whether you’re a Netflix newbie or already subscribed, connecting your account is really simple in just three steps.

  1. We’ll get you set up with fast, reliable broadband
  2. We’ll send you a unique token via email to create your Netflix account, or link your existing one
  3. Follow the simple steps in the email to start streaming

For existing Netflix customers, if you do not activate this token or use this link to create a new Netflix account, you risk being billed by both Netflix and TalkTalk.

If  your activation link has expired after 7 days, you'll need to regenerate a new link in your TalkTalk My Account or by contacting us. 


You must simply add both TalkTalk TV and Netflix to your order/upgrade. 


For new TalkTalk customers, you should receive your Netflix activation email once your fibre broadband is live. 

If you've still not received your activation email after this time, please visit My Account where you'll be able to activate your Netflix package.

If you have any problems activating your Netflix service, please check your junk/spam mail or log into My Account before contacting us. 


If you're an existing customer on our Fibre 35 or 65 with Netflix, you'll remain on this package for the duration of your contract. If you're upgrading your package in the future and adding TalkTalk TV, you'll be able to add a Netflix plan too, and receive just one bill. 




Activate Netflix in 3 easy steps

If you're an existing Netflix customer, we recommend you sign up to TalkTalk using the same email address as you do with Netflix. This will allow a smooth transfer over so you receive one bill just from us.

Click the link

Simply click the 'Activate NOW' link in the email you'll receive from us. Your link will only be valid for 7 days, so be quick.

Follow on-screen instructions

Follow the instructions on-screen to activate your Netflix account.


We'll let you know when we've added your Netflix to your TalkTalk account, and you'll be good to go.


Watch Netflix 

The Netflix app is available on all new TalkTalk TV boxes. If you're unsure what box you have you can check in About your TalkTalk TV Box.

With Netflix you can also watch on multiple devices (total available dependent on Netflix plan) like your laptop, tablet, smartphone and on a Smart TV. Download the Netflix app for your device or watch online on the Netflix website. Just sign in using your Netflix credentials. 


You'll find Netflix in the apps section of your TalkTalk TV Hub menu. Or, use your voice and Google Assistant to say "open Netflix".



My Account

Your Netflix username is the email address you provided when signing up for TalkTalk, or your current Netflix details if you're an existing Netflix customer. If you've lost or forgotten your username, please visit My Account where you'll be able to recover your username and then login to Netflix. 

If you forget your password, use the 'Forgotten password' option on the Netflix site.


You can change your Netflix plan as your usage or requirements change in Netflix My Account


Netflix is totally flexible with no commitment other than an initial 30 days term and to be subscribed to TalkTalk TV. To cancel your Netflix plan, simply contact us and one of our advisers will be happy to help you.  

If you wish to make any other changes to your fibre broadband package within your minimum term, you may be liable to pay a fee.


Once you know your moving in date, please contact us as soon as possible to confirm your new address and date you would like your services transferred.  We'll take all the details we need and talk you through the simple process. Your Netflix service will continue to work as normal throughout your home move. 


A Netflix account is meant to only be shared by people living together in one household.

Netflix have started to contact subscribers who are sharing their account across multiple different households. Account holders will be unaffected, but anyone using a Netflix account from a different household will require their own Netflix subscription.

If you pay for Netflix through your TalkTalk bill, you'll be unable to add an extra member to your account or complete a profile transfer. A password borrower can simply subscribe to Netflix with a new account. For more information on password sharing, please visit the Netflix help page.


Fix It 

You'll find below some useful tips if you're having some issues with joining or watching Netflix. For all other Netflix technical help and support please see the Netflix support website.

If you see the message "sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service" this means that your connection to Netflix has been lost. To get the connection up and running again simply follow these steps. It's worth checking the connection after each step has been completed.

  1. Check you can surf the internet. 
  2. If you're using a TalkTalk TV box , switch it off for 30 seconds and switch back on again then try again.

If you find your Netflix player occasionally freezes or crashes during playback or browsing this is usually fixed by a quick reboot of your device. Open the Netflix player again and you should find this will have resolved your issue.

If you have trouble finding or launching the Netflix player on a TalkTalk TV box, please see Issues loading TV players for further support. For all other Netflix help and support please see Netflix Online Help.  


 Your Netflix account has a limit to the number of devices that can be used at the same time, depending on your plan.

If you see this message or need extra help with any aspect of the Netflix player, visit the Netflix support site