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Boost your Wi-Fi speed

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We use the Internet every day for many different reasons: to stay in touch with friends, to work from home and so much more, however, having Wi-Fi that can't keep up is a common problem in modern households. 

With as many as 14 Wi-Fi enabled devices per home, most households in the UK have outgrown a standard broadband connection. So if you've got lots of devices doing different things online, all at the same time, you might want to think about upgrading to Fibre broadband; it's the perfect choice for speed-hungry homes and includes our award-winning Wi-Fi Hub.

If you already have Fibre, it's worth remembering that there are environmental factors that can affect your speed - like your router setup, the devices you're using, problems in your local area and even your furniture. 

Our Wi-Fi Hub gives you better coverage than ever before, but even the best routers can't guarantee a perfect connection in every room. If you're experiencing Wi-Fi weak spots, our Wi-Fi Extender Kit or a Wi-Fi Mesh system can help.

If your Wi-Fi still feels slow, don't panic. Here’s how you can bring it back up to speed.

Just joined or upgraded?

If you're new to TalkTalk or you've just upgraded to Fibre, your line will go through a stabilisation period. This usually lasts for around 14 days and it's normal to experience varying speeds and occasional drops in your connection during this time.

standard and pre-filtered master sockets

router connected to master socket

Check your setup

Make sure you’re using a microfilter if you need one, and check to see if your router’s wires are all connected securely. If you’ve recently changed your setup, try reversing the changes to see if your speed increases.

Use your main phone socket

Make sure your router is plugged into your main phone socket, not an extension socket. It's the white plastic square built into your wall and can usually be found in your hallway or near your front door. It's bigger than any other socket in your house.

standard and pre-filtered master sockets


Location, location, location

Ideally, your router should be upright and facing towards you when you’re using the Internet. Put it on a table or shelf – never on the floor or in a cupboard - and make sure it’s not blocked by any furniture.

Reduce signal interference

Electrical appliances like microwaves and cordless phones can disrupt Wi-Fi signals, so it’s best to keep your router away from them if you can. Try and stay close to your router when you’re using Wi-Fi, and use a Wi-Fi Extender Kit to boost signal in rooms that have Wi-Fi weak spots.


Lots of devices connected to Wi-Fi with a warning symbol

Disconnect devices you aren't using

Having lots of devices – computers, tablets and phones - connected at once uses up more of your bandwidth. If you disconnect them from Wi-Fi when you’re not using them, it should free up your connection. You might also want to think about swapping to a package that better suits your needs.

Device limitations

Regularly updating your devices’ software and apps will help keep everything running smoothly. Remember, older devices have less capacity for high broadband speeds than newer ones. This can make your Wi-Fi feel slow regardless of the speed your router is giving out.

Laptop with a green tick on screen to show that the software is updated


Change your wireless channel

Depending on your technical ability, you may want to try changing your wireless channel. All wireless routers broadcast Wi-Fi signals on a channel. If any of these channels get too busy – i.e. if your neighbour’s router is broadcasting on the same channel as yours – it can slow your internet down.

Leave your router switched on

We send software updates to your router throughout the day and night, so we recommend you leave it switched on. Restarting your router as a one-off can help with some connection issues; however you shouldn’t restart your router more than twice within 24 hours.


WiFi PLA both products.jpg

Our Wi-Fi Extender Kit

Making use of clever powerline technology, our Kit partners with your router to tackle your home’s Wi-Fi weak-spots. It uses your home’s electrical wiring to provide an easy way to extend your home’s Wi-Fi coverage, with a signal that’s fast and reliable

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