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Clarity Sought on Fixed Price Plus

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I am out of contract. My contract was from 2021 and was a £23 broadband charge (as advertised online, not a negotiated price)  and I paid an optional £3 per month fee for the optional Fixed Price Plus.  The FPP option  promised :  ‘’ a fixed price plus package will have no rises for the duration of the minimum contract period and will rise in line with inflation once this has ended’’.

Another quote: With Fixed Price Plus, you'll never have to worry about mid-contract price rises. Plus, once your contract ends, your monthly bill will never rise above the annual rate of inflation, ever. Available as an optional extra on all our Full Fibre and standard fibre plans


Today, my bill information states my discount is ending. I wasn’t on a discounted package, just the advertised price. 7% increase has been charged which is obviously above inflation.

Also, looking back on replies on here, it looks like several times people have been assured that the fixed price plus customer will only be charged the CPI increase each year.

i’ve never renegotiated I have kept all my screenshots from when I originally took out the contract. I’ll be really grateful if someone who is wised up on fix price plus contracts would advise. I have contacted the CallCentre today and I’ve been told the increase is because I’m out of contract, but this seems to contradict the information provided at sign up.


many thanks.









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Hi Finch1


Just to clarify you were on a discounted package , the base price for broadband is £29.95 your fixed price plus discount was £3.95 


This bill is complicated because of the ending discount and because the dates that your bill is produced so its 23rd May to 8th June (discounted price) £14.03  then the period after the discount ends 8th June to the next bill on the 22nd £13.79.


When you are out of contract fixed price plus annual increase is 4% I would suggest contacting the loyalty team on 03451720088.





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Hi @Finch1 I was in a similar situation when my contract ended in January and very pleased to say that everything is still to my great satisfaction.

Your post has been escalated and one of the forum staff will be able to study your case and any variables applicable. 


It will save you a bit of time if you can edit your community your profile and add your landline phone number and account number. Please don't post personal information here. 


Good luck and fingers crossed. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.