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Clarity Sought on Fixed Price Plus

I am out of contract. My contract was from 2021 and was a £23 broadband charge (as advertised online, not a negotiated price) and I paid an optional £3 per month fee for the optional Fixed Price Plus. The FPP option promised : ‘’ a fixed price plus p...

Finch1 by Newbie
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International Call Boost

Several weeks ago I phoned customer services asking to delete my international call boost but I see from my latest upcoming bill this is still included. Help would be appreciated. BMBiker

BMBiker by Participant
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Resolved! Call boost cancelled Sep. Still charged Oct.

Hi,as title, cancelled u/l calls boost 9 Sep and have a confirmation email of this date (can pm if required), but boost charge still included in October’s bill.Please can this be cancelled accordingly and account adjusted in respect.Many thanksM

Montana by Super Duper Contributor
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Removing Unlimited UK calls boost

Like several other people I've seen asking about it on the community I've been trying to remove the Unlimited UK calls boost from my package and can find no tick box to untick in my account As of 23rd September TalkTalk have started to charge for thi...

peterk3 by Popular Poster
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Unlimited uk Call boost from previous contract

Hi, i have just seen on my upcomming bill that I'm being charged £16 for unlimited call boost.When I went and looked at my boosts and add ons there had been a 24 months £16 discount that had ended, hence the charge this month, however, I'm in a new c...

EK5Matt by Popular Poster
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