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Auto Compensation

Hello, i am still waiting for the auto compensation due to late start of service, my service was supposet to start on 13 October 2023 and went live on 22 March 2024, all the way through when i was checking on the progress the customer service represe...

slish by First Timer
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Billing date adjustment

Hi, my activation date was 27th of march on theory but it took ages to solve the connection problem and this morning an engineer fixed the issue. So, I got my internet more than 3 weeks after the promised date. I am asking for a compensation and an a...

Matac by Chatterbox
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Account shows pending order

Hi my account currently shows a current order pending due to go live 6/1/24 (coincidentally the date my contract ends) When I drill into "order" no details are shown. I have recently asked for a quotation which I suspect the system is seeing as a don...

Divsec by Community Star
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Account status not updated

My activation date was delayed back in October and broadband finally went live on 21/10/2023. However my account has been “stuck” on missed engineer appointment since then and no bills have been issued. I have tried to resolve this via live chat and ...

NLJ53 by Chatterbox
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How can I contact Customer Services?

you have given me a date for upgrade at obscured for customer security I would like to confirm date is ok,I do not have a smart phone so I was unable reply with your ap

terryh3 by First Timer
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New Account "Stuck"

Hi, I just came to talktalk from Sky. My broadband go live date was last Friday, 19th, and I do have broadband, however my online account appears to be stuck, half activated (according to online chat agents yesterday) I have not received my Netflix a...

Screenshot_20230523-071148.png Screenshot_20230522-164323.png Screenshot_20230522-164029.png
seajays by Conversation Starter
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Franz Kafka is still alive and works for TalkTalk

Hi,Here I am again trying to resolve an issue that has remained for about the last 10 months. We have talked to about 50 different advisors from all the departments listed in the 'labels'. All the solutions suggested and implemented by TalkTalk have ...

incised12 by Conversation Starter
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