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Order Pending

Morning,  As the picture below, my order is still showing as pending even though it has been active for more than a month now. Not a major issue since the connection is live and working but since I like my affairs tidy I would love to get it sorted. ...

Account still not showing new bill .....

Got a new contract deal for fibre 65 £24.95pm 18month on 2nd June live date was 27th june all installed etc but account still shows old bill/contract. When i went on chat help they said will update on live date but it is still not updated. I want to ...

juliemg by Team Player
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Help on Amazon Voucher

My broadband service went up live on 7th March 2022, was promised an Amazon voucher as a sign-up reward 90 days after the service goes live. I also double-checked and confirmed my eligibility with Talktalk customer service. However, it's been more th...

ttlwl by Sightseer
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Problems accessing my new account

Hi I signed up to Future Fibre 150 on 29th March and registered to log in to my account to tracj progress etc, but everytime I try and log in, I either get 'Sorry there is a technical error' or it logs in, flashes a few notices such as preparing acco...

Timing a line take over

HiI am looking to take over a line from someone who has a talktalk line. I need to time it carefully with the end of his contract so that he doesn't get termination fees or get charged additional months. When buying a new talktalk contract is it poss...

nic1987 by Whizz Kid
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Charges Since you Joined after Account Transfer

Hello, I hope you are all well! My flatmate has moved out and before doing so, we agreed that we would transfer over the direct debit to come out of my bank account. I've been charged £4.44 extra for the first month (on my bank account) but I don't u...


Dear talk talk. My go live date is today .I have moved with Talk Talk phone and broadband services. My old address was disconnected yesterday. My account / pending order says that the service is InFlight .. in preparation I have connected my landline...

PDizzle by First Timer
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My online account

I'm still waiting for my online account Tobe sorted Can someone sort this out please. I have been asking but nothing has been done I'm waiting for make some payment but I can't cos my online account isn't set up.. Thanks Steve gibbs

tibs01 by Whizz Kid
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talktalk account

I joined tt+ on the 29th July, a payment was taken from my bank account on the 6th August but I've heard nothing since and my account has not been activated. No one seems able to help despite almost 5 hours chat. what should I do?

Returning routers

Hi,I joined talk talk 36 months ago, I was supplied their regular router upon joining but my service was bad so I paid £120 for the super WiFi hub. After the first 18 month contract ended I renewed but carried on using the router I bought (WiFi hub) ...

Account Cancelled Days Before Going Live

Received an email from TalkTalk a few days before my service was supposed to go live saying "We've had notification from another company that you'd like to cancel your TalkTalk order".I do not wish to cancel my account, and attempted to phone custome...

MattWeir by Chatterbox
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URGENT HELP REQUIREDTalkTalk upgraded me to fast internet.OpenReach started the upgrade at 8am on Wed 7th July 21 finished nearly 12 hours later!Now I have NO INTERNET OR PHONE!HELP PLEASEThanks

Tedwood by Popular Poster
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 So I’m feeling very lied to by talk talk. Joined as a no set up service fee and no installation fees, was hit was a big bill for my first bill. I was told it would he processed the same day - 4/6/2021 - it was a Saturday I knew I wasn’t seeing that ...


Still being billed by previous supplier

Hi, Another problem with the new service. I joined TalkTalk from Vodafone, and the service went live on 30 April 2021. I've just received a bill from Vodafone despite the phone number supposedly having been taken over as part of the migration process...

SterlingA by Popular Poster
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Unknown additional charge on first estimated bill

Hi, I am still waiting for my delivery and will go live on the 27th of April. I am just confused and noticed why is there an additional fee of 29.95 Fixed Price? Upon registering for talktalk I only agreed for 26gbp fibre 65 with the free delivery an...
nobi101 by First Timer
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Unable to cancel my account

I requested a move to a new address roughly 2 weeks prior to my move, I called up talktalk and signed up to a new 24 month contract which was due to be switched to the new address on 30th March which was my move in day. The service was not connected ...

Free echo dot

After much trouble trying to renew via one-click email, rang in and confirmed I wanted to upgrade and claim my echo dot. So... 11/03/21 was when I received my ‘your services are now live’ confirmation email. Came her looking for answers about how to ...

Dave35 by First Timer
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Router Delivery

My initial router was lost and even though I've spoken to customer service 3 times, my router has not arrived and it's now past my go live date (the engineer visited yesterday). I'm a bit at a loss now as I had been assured a replacement router had b...

Urgent need to change service end date

We were supposed to move tomorrow but now it won't be happening, it won't be happening for about another week, we tried to phone talk talk today to change the date so our internet doesn't get turned off at this address tomorrow but they're lines are ...

Gazmo87 by First Timer
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Becoming a new talk talk member

I have signed up to a fixed price for my contract which has not been listed within my account details - why has this not been applied, I am paying for it I have oddly been charged for paper billing which I did agree nor want The talk talk youview TV ...

Thomas25 by First Timer
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