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Payment error

TalkTalk, despite thier name seem to have difficulty with straight talking. Every month for years I received an email confirming the amount to be billed for that month and confirmation the payment will shortly be taken. This month however, the email ...

payment of bill

I made my payment to talk talk (eleven days ago) via bank, into their account they still have not transferred it to my account. What is the phone number to use to sort this out.

Charged for phone calls I never made

Hello, Yesterday I received my June bill which states that I need to pay 71.04 for phone calls I never made. I do not own a working landline phone, I have never used my landline number to make any calls and most of all I was not even in the UK for pa...

gr1986 by Visitor
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direct debit

Did talk talk have problems with direct debit accounts as I rang and was told it was being fixed and it would take my payment then.

Direct Debit Failed - Another case

As has already been reported by other users my Direct Debit failed on the 17th May in exactly the same circumstances...and again email received saying that a £12.50 charge was being applied to the next bill. I called the Call Centre and was told that...

Direct Debit Failure

Got a message today that my direct debit had failed. It looked so much like a scam I nearly ignored it, but thought I'd check my bank account. Money hadn't gone out - but there's enough money and the direct debit is active. Looks like TalkTalk haven'...

Removing payment cards

How do u remove cards that are no longer in use .I've looked all over website and can't seem to find the option to remove cards

Why request to pay bill by Card?

Why is there an invitation to pay the current month's bill, by card payment, when the account is already nicely set up, so that TalkTalk collects the amount via direct debit? Am I invited to pay for it twice? Not a big issue, but annoying. Bill

Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Increase in direct debit payments

Does DD payments automatically increase or do I have to contact my bank of said increase and change it myself.Currently paying £29.97, next DD will be £31.98.Thank you for your help.

Petunia by First Timer
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Executor bill payment

I need to pay the final bill for my dads account but I can't log on to his account to pay it as it has been shut down. When I try to phone the bot thinks I am trying to pay for my own talk talk account and eventually it hangs up on me. I was hoping f...

JPark by First Timer
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Talk talk put late payment on credit file after I left

Good afternoon, I left talk talk in October 2022. I had been with talk talk 10 years and never once missed a payment then on leaving I was advised by phone when I asked I could cancel direct debit as I had paid the account up to date. Weeks later I r...

Lg1234 by First Timer
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I left, but TalkTalk is pretending I didn’t

I placed an order with Plusnet on 25/01/24. I received an email from talktalk acknowledging my intent to leave, and while Openreach was installing the new fibre line, I received an interim bill from talktalk that I had to pay manually. Then out of th...

Andy-84 by Popular Poster
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Repeat rejecting debit card payment

I received an email saying recurring payment rejected due to debit card expired in Feb. I immediately paid online using new debit card and everything went through without issue except the surcharge £12.5. With help from support, this has been waived....

yimkc by First Timer
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Bin blocking

I have a credit card set up to make payments for my service but in the last six months this has stopped working. The bank tells me that the problem is with Talk Talk but Talk Talk tell me it is due to the bank Bin Blocking. Has anybody had a similar ...

CMJTW by Conversation Starter
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payment extension

just looks weitd but recently paid both extension and bill that was due but just seen this Your payment extension£0.00You created a payment extension on 28 February 2024 which is due on 25 March 2024

Simon632 by Chatterbox
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Received letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd

On February 19th 2024 received letter from Talk Talk saying I had overdue balance of £15. Due to being away I did not manage to query this with TalkTalk until 27th March 2024. When I clarified via an online chat with 'Kim' that there was no outstandi...


Hi I had a loss of service (no broadband and no phone) from January 17th to January 22nd. I was told at the time I would be reimbursed for the service lost and that this would be automatic but I received nothing. When I asked again I was told I was n...

Dondatta by Team Player
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Direct Debit Payment - taken early by Talk Talk!!

Good Morning I have just had a notification from my bank advising I am overdrawn as Talk Talk have attempted to take my Direct Debit today despite the payment date on my Account being the 30th of each month. I have tried to find an email to contact s...

DebbieM7 by Popular Poster
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Can't even sign up lol

I'm actually so infuriated at the fact talktalk had wasted my time that I'm willing to waste even more time writing this. I've now been offered various terms for a fibre 150 contract, coming from Sky who I can currently with. uSwitch said 26/month fo...

hartesh by First Timer
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why am I paying more for my broadband I am now paying more every month 

TalkTalk Threats

Hey, @Arne-TalkTalk TalkTalk Customer Service have today 6 March sent me a REMINDER email to pay an outstanding balance on my account and using threatening language. Full Fibre account number is in my Community Profile in the Phone or Account No box ...

Buoyant by Participant
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