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End of an agreement.

Hello, on July 3, 2017, I signed a contract with your company. At the end of the contract, I want to give up the Internet and landline telephone. The internet has been disconnecting frequently for a long time and is slower than before. The higher the...

Billed after canceling contract.

I have been getting billed for the last 6 months or so after I have told them to cancel the contract and I am not able to phone them as I work during the day when they are open. 150 pound on my account to pay. Disappointed with talk talk.

Direct Debit

Have told you to reinstate my Direct Debit but I don't know if you did, I told you in January that I am going to be away so you need to do the Direct Debit. If you have not set it up that is on you because I will not pay any fee. I am not in the coun...

Trev571 by First Timer
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hello everyoneI would like to share with you my situation with a booked engineer.I did a line test and it turned out that there is a problem with my talktalk connection. I booked an engineer's visit on July 25 because I had 2 days off work on July 25... Screenshot_2023-07-27-18-41-40-748_com.whatsapp.jpg
Marzenka by First Timer
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