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Cancellation confirmation email

I'm out of contract of my Fibre 500 on 14th June, so I phoned TalkTalk last Thursday to give my 30 days notice to cancel. I didn't receive any confirmation email of the cancellation after that phone call so on Friday I phoned up again to check to mak...

vayidm by Chatterbox
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Amazon Gifting

I have not yet received my Amazon Gift codes. I was advised via email it would be within 37 days of connection up and running, this was 27 March and nothing yet? How do I get this?

New Contract

I was sent an email on 19th April giving me the option to:'move onto a new, matching Fibre 65 contract for £23.50 per month** for another 24 months. Click here to order now.' I followed the link and was told I would receive confirmation within 10 day...


Signed-up a few weeks ago when will I receive my voucher from Gift cloud?

Pending Order - Complete

Hi, I have a Pending Order sat on my account. This order was completed before Christmas, the Router is installed, working, and solved the problem it was relating to. Unfortunately, because it's still there pending I can't make any further changes to ...

jonwills by Team Player
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What has gone wrong at Talktalk

Been with Talktalk for so long now but now had enough. Offered me contract renewal at £29 which I accepted. Next bill was nearly £44, made contact and was assured contract was extended and was still being processed. This month still £44, got told the...

liamf12 by Conversation Starter
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Amazon voucher code

Upgraded to fibre65 on 15/2/2022 and still not received any voucher codes for the Amazon echo dot & smart plug.

TGR56 by Repeat Guest
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Amazon echo dot offer

Hi I upgraded to fibre 65 on the 10th march 2022 with the Amazon echo dot offer but still haven't received my voucher. I've asked several times and been told it's been escalated but nothing. I had to change my email address as talk talk said I could ...

Andrewj2 by Repeat Guest
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Problems renewing my contract

I thought that I'd share my experience of trying to take up some Talktalk offers when my contract was due to be renewed. I did try to reach out to a complaint email address, but clearly these don't exist and I've spent enough time chatting to their h...

webbew01 by Popular Poster
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No emails, No new router, No free Gifts???

Hi, I recently changed my fibre connection from faster fibre to fibre 65 because it worked out cheaper, this was during the offer I had in my account, so I accepted it all went through ok because it now shows in my account that I’m on Fibre 65. But I...

FreddyUK by Chatterbox
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Compensation following complaint…..when will it appear?

I’m trying very hard to make this less of a ‘wow, what a shambles my whole experience has been so far’….but it’s difficult. Very, very difficult.The background in brief….my initial appointment was missed (not by me, the engineer didn’t turn up). Talk...

DLtthelp by Chatterbox
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Amazon gift

I had TalkTalk connected on the 7th February. I paid extra to have the Amazon echo and smart plug, I was told That the code would be sent within 37 days it’s been 2 months, it’s not in spam folders either

Netflix code

I bought talk talk fibre and Netflix package, I cannot get any freebies channels and I have received no Netflix code or voucher yet I have spent 3 hours on the chat with no resolution. Fuming is an understatement

Jo1677 by First Timer
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£100 voucher after renewal

Hello! A few weeks ago, my TalkTalk broadband deal was close to ending. I found offer in different company offering a £100 voucher to various shops. I signed a new contract, but a few days later I received a call from TalkTalk offering same package +...

Tomix710 by First Timer
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Amazon Echo dot

I renewed my contract to fibre 35 which came with a voucher for an amazon alexa.. this was back in November.. I have now spent over 2 hours of my time (which honestly should be compensated) going back and forth phoning talktalk who don't know what on...

Fibre 65 Debacle!

on15th March I upgraded to Fibre 65 through my account options. During the ordering process I was offered a bolt on Netflix package, and then a Netflix premiumpackage, which I accepted. On 15/03/2022 I placed an order online to upgrade to Fibre 65 th...

Vocher Code

I have been live with TalkTalk since the end of Jan. Even though I have telephoned I still have not received my £100 voucher code. How can I get this please

Katie59 by First Timer
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I was promised a £100 prepaid mastercard for signing up with talktalk, do new customers actually receive it or do they just tell you that to encourage you to sign up.Thanks Lindsey

FREE GIFT-£100 with fttp 900 not received

I’m having the same issue as a lot on here. I signed up using talk talks website with the promise of a £100 voucher, but when contacting gift cloud they have no information about my account

Shaunsj by First Timer
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Openreach Database - My address is missing

Hi,I've had a landline from TalkTalk for many years. I've just discovered that my address is not listed on the Openreach database. My house number is 61, the list goes from 42 to 98 and only my address is missing. I don't know why my address should b...

How do I claim my voucher

In November 21 I switched to Talktalk on the premise that I would receive a £75 Gift Card, which was to be claimed through Giftcloud, as per the attached confirmation at the time of order.The installation went live on the 14th December 2021 and it ha...

new contract not activated

My contract for UFO was due to end on 17th of Feb. I was offered an 18 month deal at the same rate. I took up this offer. When my first bill came I was charged the out of contract fee. I put this down to the timing. I have now received my next bill a...

ghirst by Team Player
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