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Difficulty in returning to maiden name

Why is this so difficult? I have sent through documentation- apparently I have a name on my account that I don’t even recognise. I have been sent another form to complete and send through and guess what the link doesn’t work. Speaking to someone is i...


I recently arranged contract moving details (14/06) with your Belfast office and was told I would be keeping my current landline number (01732 ******)I have since received a TalkTalk text message stating that my "Fibre will go live on 05/07/2024 My t...

Missing Amazon voucher

I took out my broadband September 2023 with the promise of an Amazon voucher. I have chased this almost 30 times now, with gift cloud and Talk talk. Talk talk tell me to talk to gift cloud and gift cloud say talk talk aren’t replying to them! I want ...


i don't know why i have been charged £11.15 for? it says (charges since you joined). my account was automatically transferred to talk talk as i was on shell broadband before because its been bought by talk talk now.

migrated in from Shell

I've been migrated from Shell broadband, but my login on Talk Talk shows an old account disconnected on 15-12-2014 and so I cannot access my account

Gift card

Hi, I renewed my broadband and I was told i would get £100 gift voucher and was told to wait 45 days but I've still not received it. I spoke to the chat and was told I would receive it in 24 hours but that was 3 days ago. How do i get my voucher. Tha...

Missing voucher.

I have had a new contract for approx 3wks now. I was offered a £100 voucher to remain with TalkTalk although this has not been received as of yet. Could I ask when and how this voucher will arrive?

iangus by First Timer
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New Fibre 65 contract not available in My Account

Hi, I have been a TalkTalk customer since July 2007. My current contract was agreed via online chat on the 6th December 2022 and is for 18 months on Fibre 65 (FTTC-OR) Broadband and Line Rental. You wrote to me on the 24th May from Salford reminding ...

Carbon by Participant
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Direct debit failure to collect

TT failed to collect DD and now wants me to make a card payment and pay a 'fine".This is entirely TT fault and I will not pay for their failings. Bank says DD arrangements in place but not requested by TT.TT please sort out for me.

Resolved! unable to access my account

hi, when i try to access my account,i get the message, Sorry for technical or security reasons we cannot log you in. Please refresh and try again.i have been trying from last night,and have had no success.

doblo by Popular Poster
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Haven't received £25 voucher for fibre upgrade

We had upgrade work 7th March. 45 days was well overdue so I emailed giftcloud but they couldn't help without my order number and account number of the product, which I was not aware of - so I contacted talktalk customer service and a guy said I'll h...

Loyalty gift card

Hi I renewed my account, when I was offered a better deal and a £75 gift card. How do I claim the gift card please?

Out of contract and moving home

I'm out of contract next month and I should be moving home in the next couple of weeks . I'm currently on fibre 500 for £35pm . I received an email from Talk Talk last week saying I had a few options and if I wanted another contract with the same spe...

Paulefc by Participant
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Online Account

Hi, I had fibre 150 installed on the 16th May. When I log into my online dashboard it informs me that my appointment was missed on the 1st May. This is clearly inaccurate. Can someone look into this, clear the issue on my dashboard so I can view it w...

dobbor11 by First Timer
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Question about a deal

Hello AllHave just joined TalkTalk and as Part of my deal I was supposed to receive an Amazon Dot?Does anyone know how to claim this or will it be automticlly sent after 60 days?

Jean01 by First Timer
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the worst company ive had the misfortune to deal with

This company should be struck off. 6 months after leaving my property still getting bills. Flatly refused to pay last month and immediately the bill was handed over to the bailiffs saying they have exhausted all efforts in trying to retrieve the mone...

Where is my voucher

Being passed from pillar to post trying to obtain my £130 voucher since the end of March. Promise after promise, no responses to texts most of the time, when a response is given it's a cut and paste job by someone who's not read the history. Can some...

Account XXXXX- Bill Query

Hi, I've just received a bill stating my balance is £74.96 and no payments have been received yet I made a payment of £31.23 yesterday (15th May) and it is not reflected on this bill I have received. Can someone please confirm that the payment has be...

Giftcloud Reward

Hi there, When I joined my contract by Uswitch I was informed that I would receieve an £50 reward card sent to my email address within 90 days of my contract starting last year (4th October) I have been checking my junk mail also for an email from Gi...

£25 Shopping Voucher

"Your upgrade can take 2-3 hours, which we know can be inconvenient. So as a thank you for making yourself available, we’ll send you a £25 voucher that can be used at Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons or as a pre-paid Mastercard"Just wondering wh...

Fibre 65 Renewal

I have recently renewed my fibre 65 account for a new 24 month fixed contract at £27 per month" The deal included a free Echo Dot smart speaker/. When might I receive that device? Sorry if this is the wrong commjunity area, there deos not appear to b...

Escalation for constant incorrect billing

Hi I am constantly being billed the incorrect amount. This has been going on since I first took the full fibre service after moving houses. I agreed a price, it was incorrectly billed the contract had to be renewed as a new contract as the price was ...

Peteg1500 by Popular Poster
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Renewed contract

I pay £35 per month for fibre 65 , contract expires May 16th.Had an offer to renew my broadband (fibre65 )contract at a cheaper price expire on me , as I was on holiday . Went on talktalk today ,another offer was there not as good as expired offer ,b...

GS1057 by Chatterbox
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