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Returning Equipment after end of contract

I recently ended my contract with talktalk after about 21 months. initial contract period was 18 months. Today, I received an email to return my equipment or I may be charged £50. I only have talktalk wifi hub and got it when I first signed up with t...

upgrade contract

A few weeks ago, I received an email from TalkTalk about the end of my contract and gave me some options, I chose the second option which was to upgrade to Fibre 65 for 23.50 a month. Fast forward to about 3 weeks later, I am yet to receive a confirm...

easyy102 by First Timer
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Amazon voucher

Good Afternoon, Im still awaiting my amazon voucher.I've followed the link but this is the response. Hello,Thank you for your email. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused.Unfortunately, we are not the suppliers of this offer. Please could y...

Amazon echo dot offer

Hello I renewed my broadband a while ago and I have been waiting for the code so I can get the amazon echo dot offer code, I called up today and recieved the code but it dosnt seem to work does anyone have a link to the correct amazon echo dot becaus...

Vickyd1 by First Timer
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Restricted services

I had a message to tell me my services have been restricted I’ve had a payment extension accepted till 19th and my internets still restricted has anyone else had this issues .


I upgraded to fibre 65 in March 2021 with my live date as of 19th March 2021, i opted to upgrade as within the package an amazon echo dot or ring door bell was included. It stated to wait 37 days to be notified about the amazon echo dot which i choos...

jom1985 by First Timer
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Amazon tech pack

Hey guys, I joined a few months ago now and have heard nothing about my tech pack (which I paid extra for). Does anyone have an idea on when I should be getting the voucher? thank you

£75 voucher

Hello, I joined TalkTalk more than 90 days ago and still haven’t received anything about the £75 voucher. I would have looked else where if I knew I wasn’t going to get the deal I applied for?

No reference number and e-mail about order

Hi, around 2 weeks ago I have ordered broadband and I haven’t received any e-mail that I placed an order or reference number. Date of package arrival should be today 14th but still haven’t received anything. I’m wondering did I really ordered broadba...


I’ve been restricted due to being furloughed so I couldn’t pay my bill. I can pay it Friday so I’ve done the struggle to pay thing till then. I’ve done this online at 8pm tonight. Will my restrictions automatically be lifted or will I have to wait to...

Message for Ady

Hello Ady, thank you for contacting me. I am very unhappy with the two bills I received since changing to Fibre 150. I spoke to the Talktalk rep who informed me 'to take the deal now as it is in demand'. At the time I contacted Talktalk it was 26 Jan...