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Email received

I have received an email saying I have not paid my TalkTalk bill. It was taken out under Shell and then put back in so I don’t know what’s happening. See bank photo. Image removed for SECURITY REASONS.   Many thanks Christine Hughes

Unable to log in to account

So I have been unable to log into my account for nearly 6 months now. I can’t change anything for my account and everytime I contact someone regarding it I just get told to reset my password. That is not the issue here, when I log in the page times o...

Echo Dot - can’t claim without the voucher code

After renewing my contract for 24 months I was told that within 60 days I would receive a free Echo Dot. I have contacted Talk Talk and asked them to send me the voucher code but was told to speak to Amazon as they should issue the code but they conf...

Wanda1 by Sightseer
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Fire destroyed modem and phone

Hi I'm a talk talk customer and pay monthly for my broadband and IV had to stay in a hotel till flat sorted from fire which destroyed modem and phone amongst other things is there a way where like EE pay as you go do on my tablet as I'm doing that no...

Difficulty in returning to maiden name

Why is this so difficult? I have sent through documentation- apparently I have a name on my account that I don’t even recognise. I have been sent another form to complete and send through and guess what the link doesn’t work. Speaking to someone is i...

Monty41 by First Timer
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I believe I have paid my last bill twice. Will I be refunded or just not be charged next time?

Percy67 by First Timer
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I previously had a issue with my WiFi dropping out and connecting and went a week without WiFi customer service on the phone was no help so I came on this forum and I got sent a new router from the forum and this fixed the issue but due to the carry ...

Amazon voucher

Hi, I was promised a £75 voucher for joining you, and then £100 voucher compensation due to delays in my installation. Can you please tell me how I claim these? I have heard nothing about them. With there already being a delay I thought these would b...

Epicken by First Timer
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bad bad customer and technical service

Where do I start? My internet was down for 3 days ! On Saturday it went down so I tried to get help on Sunday wasted hours trying to get in contact only to be told they were doing maintenance on their systems when I finally spoke to someone who knew ...

simon1688 by Conversation Starter
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Charged for no internet supply

I have recently moved house and transferred my internet connection via Talk Talk as well. The call to Talk Talk was made ton 13/02 and line from previous address was disconnected on 16/02. On my new address; the line was not Live until 28/02. With th...

Amazon voucher for installation of full fibre

I have still not received the Amazon voucher for £25 promised to be sent within 45 days for the installation of Full Fibre on 3 January 2024. Can you please be kind enough to let me know when this will be sent.Thanks,Tony White

fibre broadband

thinking of upgrading to fibre 150 prob is i have just taken out a new 24month fibre 65 contract. would i be able to cancel the new one and take out the upgraded one without financial penalty

a4exd by First Timer
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cancelling my add on call boosts

I'm paying for call boost add-on's and don't have a phone line. I want it cancelled. the option to remove it does not appear on my online account and it needs removing as soon as possible.

Can this be escalated

Can I have an update on REP-13826769 please. Initially reported on 03Jan24.Last update was on 03Jan24: "An engineer is on the way to the exchange.Updated: 15:33 on 03/01/2024There is an issue with the line providing your connection. An engineer is on...

TimmoT by Chatterbox
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Turning off my broadband by a talk talk agent on live chat

I'm devastated, I'm moving homes in less than three weeks so I wanted to move my talk talk service to a new address, I decided to use a chat to do that and after setting it up I noticed my broadband was gone and router flashed with red light. I conne...

Aleks90 by First Timer
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Hello, I have broadband from you and last time the price change few time, could you let me know why, before Ipay 25 now is 33 this is near 40% more

Help - My cancellation request to leave Talktalk was cancelled?

Hello community, very frustrated here. Any guidance appreciated. Account number at bottom for any staff hovering and complaint email reference number. - My contract ended in November 2023 (moved to rolling contract) - After issues with full fibre ins...

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Zonnks by Popular Poster
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Fibre line assigned to wrong address

Hello all I’m writing to you as I have no where else to go, I have been without internet for a month now with no sight of a light at the end of the tunnel. It all started when my provider at the time TalkTalk cancelled my Internet because someone con...

Stuiee by Chatterbox
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The bar on my account still hasnt been lifted

My Internet got restricted at around 4:30pm I paid the outstanding balance and my Internet still isn't working I spoke to someone and they said 3 to 5 hrs and my Internet would be back on its still not working it's saying sign into network when I try...

Candice2 by Chatterbox
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Hi,From around the 16th March for a week we had no service at all.It's been over 2 months now and I thought TalkTalk had an auto compensation scheme but Ive not received anything. I had to pay for extra mobile data.