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Cost of calls to Isle of Man?

Because I occasionally need to ring the Isle of Man, can I check this again, @Arne-TalkTalk? In the description of the boost for unlimited UK calls, the I o M is NOT covered by the package:   In the legal, pricing page, the Channel Islands are listed...

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Home Phone boosts

HiUnlimited UK calls boost (£16.00) is not shown in the list of add-ons in manage telephone add-0ns. please advise how can I manage this boost. many thanks.Kind Regards

moxy51 by Conversation Starter
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Billed for free unlimited UK calls boost

Hi. On my latest bill I have been charged £16 for the unlimited UK calls boost which I should be receiving for free. I previously had the boost for free which expired on May 31st, so I rang on the loyalty department the next day June 1st, and they ki...

Benrp by Conversation Starter
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Set Contract For Two Years Until 23/02/24

I received a letter yesterday saying that the price of Unlimited UK Calls Boost will be going up by £2 a month as of 17/06/22. However, I have a set discount of £6.50 a month until 23/02/224, so I just want to make sure that this will be honoured by ...

Unlimited UK calls boost price increase

Today I have received a letter to inform me that "The price of your Unlimited UK calls boost is going up by £2 a month" So, I have a couple of questions: Why the need for a letter, why not just send an email?As I currently have the boost free for the...

AllyM by Philosopher
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Unexpected charge for SuperSafe boost

My bill came through three days ago. I am on Fibre65, with 5 months left on my 18 month contract. My bill is usually £27.50 monthly (sometimes a bit more if we make any calls). This month, unexpectedly, there was an extra charge for £3.47 for a Super...

Upgrade offered

Hi,I could do with some advice, please.My current contract expires on 15/4/22 and I have just received an email offering an upgrade to Fibre 65 at £23.50 for 18 months. At the moment I receive the Unlimited UK Call Boost free, until 13/11/22.If I upg...

Manage Boosts

Hi,I currently have All Calls Boost with my Fibre 65 package and I want to cancel this boost. I thought you could do this by logging into My Account> Manage Phone Boosts. This page is blank with no boosts showing.Has this item been removed from My Ac...

GerryMac by Philosopher
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unable to renew faster fibre to fibre65

hello talk talk( more like silentsilent!) , dido harding has gone and is now messing up the NHS so why are the problems still here. I had a notification that my contract was ending with a link to renew to fibre65 from faster fibre, I tried several ti...

Tv boost

I would like to renew my contract but would like to remove talktalk tv.

pieman by First Timer
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Fibre 65 inclusive calls

Hi, my contract ends next month. I just tried to renew on Fibre 65 because it was £29.95 including unlimited UK calls (see attached). But when I click through the next page shows a £14 charge for UK calls as a boost. Please advise how I can get the a...

Fibre 35/TalkTalk TV

I successfully renewed my contract online from Faster Fibre to Fibre 35. Prior to renewal I did not have the TalkTalk TV Boost. This has been added albeit with an 18 month period of £4pm discount which effectively makes it no charge. However I would ...

Is there an International Max Call Boost Half Price Offer ?

Hi all,I added a half price International Max Call Boost at £6 per month earlier this year. On my latest bill, it looks like the price has reverted to £12 a month.I had no notification from TT of the ending of the half price offer - it was presumably...

talk talk overcharged me

talk talk responded by saying the reason for over charge is because they removed me from my package. this is without letting me know. at the time of my first complain, they told me they removed the boost & refund the overcharge the fallowing month. t...

ferry by First Timer
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Supersafe boost activation as part of package

Hi, as part of my package I have supersafe boost but when I go to manage it wants me to select £4 a month or no protection. I tried logging in with my talktalk details but didn't work. How do I activate the subscription please.

Anytime phone calls boost offer.

I have been offered anytime calls for £5 per month, but when I clicked on the add boost button on the offers screen it takes me to my accounts screen to add or remove boosts and the offer for the anytime boost shows £7 per month.

Bob227 by Popular Poster
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New fibre 35 contract and phone boosts

I have just received an email offering to renew my contract, which ends in October. I have clicked the link for fibre 35 and have been told I will get an email soon. There is no information about how to carry on my phone boosts (which I have a discou...

GBy123 by Whizz Kid
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What’s included in my package?? Calls

hi, im a new customer and cannot find what my actual package includes, in particular what calls cost from my landline. I have fibre 65 and tv package at £4 a month plus NOW tv essentials pack. thanks

Mesonia by First Timer
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why cant TalkTalk have English `understanding` staff on their payroll, so you don`t have to explain things five times to them and then they still don`t understand, so you just end up hanging up on them before you start swearing your head off at them....

Resolved! Unwanted TV

I've recently been upgraded from Simply Broadband (with TV) to Fibre 35 (also with TV). While I'm grateful for the benefits of the upgrade, I didn't ask for TV in the first place, I have never used it and I wouldn't know how to use it if I wanted it,...

durdle by Enlightened One
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