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How much will next months bill be?

International call Boost

I have realised that I am still being charged £9 per month for international calls. We made a short international call yesterday and have discovered we have been billed for it. This is disgrace! Why am I still being charged for something that appears...

JimMunro by First Timer
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I am on a Fibre65 package.Under account settings, International Boosts and Unlimited UK calls are NOT SELECTED,but in my bill I am being charged 9 and 16 pounds respectively.Is this part of the Fibre65 package settings or a mistake in the billing?And...

Junefc42 by First Timer
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Cancel Unlimited UK Calls Boost

Can any one tell me how to cancel Unlimited UK Calls Boost.I have tried online as per instructions but it will not work. The delete option is not offered.I have tried Chat several times but it's never available.I have tried phoning 03451 720088 but j...

CLyon by Popular Poster
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Charges for call boosts

I have been charged for months for uk call boost when I have removed this online month after month and also called to remove but I have been charged and not received a refund for all the months paid when I have never had this on the beginning of my c...

Amirah2 by First Timer
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How do you cancel 'My addons'

I have been calling for the last two days to cancel the addon 'Unlimited UK Calls boost' and have tried to do it myself online but I can't find an option to do so. Any help greatly appreciated.

ValCass by First Timer
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How Remove UK Call Boost?

This is listed as a £16 a month option on my account and I want to remove it. But there is no removal option for this anywhere under My Account or Telephone Settings. The only options listed are things like Caller Display and such. I cannot find any ...

unlimited uk calls boost

Like others I want to cancel my UK unlimited calls boost but can't do and get no response from chat -tried 2 days in a row. Thanks for any suggestions

Super Safe Boost Cancellation

Hi, I’ve tried repeatedly to turn off / cancel the Super Safe Boost. I’ve followed the instructions to access my account, broadband & then security settings. But when I select No to turn off the boost on the next screen nothing happens - Idint get ta...

Vonney by Conversation Starter
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How do you cancel unlimited call boost

My contract states that add ons can be cancelled after one month but I cant find any way to cancel my unlimited call boosts .any guidance will be appreciated .

Bethon1 by First Timer
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Hi I cancelled my boost in December

Hi I cancelled my boosts; Unlimited UK Calls Boost and Last Caller Barring in December. But I am still being charged the £16.00 for the addons. I have since cancelled the boosts a further three times and I have the emails confirming the cancellation ...

Unlimited UK Calls Boost

Hi. I am currently enjoying an offer for this, free until 8 February. I am unable to cancel this myself via My Account as the option is simply not there. I have reported this before and I believe others have done also. So I got onto live chat yesterd...

ferguson by Community Star
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Can't remove unlimited calls boost

HiI noticed a few months ago that my bill went up to £42 and I now found out it is because of the unlimited calls boost for £16. I don't use the landline so would like to turn that off. It says I can cancel the addons at any time but when I go to man...

mardra by First Timer
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I've been trying since November to cancel the Supersafe boost, can't get connected to a Live Chat to sort it. What do I have to do?

Can't remove Unlimited UK Calls Boost

Hi all. How can I actually get this removed and get refunds back to 6th October, escalating via Chat doesn't appear to work (and Chat not working for me today anyway) are support here able to assist, please? ----- My Dad contacted Chat back on 6th Oc...

sunwin by First Timer
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How do I cancel an existing boost, please?

Pteris7 by First Timer
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Boost cancellation mid-cycle

Another post on behalf of my parents... they cancelled their unlimited calls boost on 9 November due to the price increase to £16. They had already paid for this boost until 3 December according to their bill summary in their online account. As they ...

richtea by Team Player
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Resolved! Call boost cancelled Sep. Still charged Oct.

Hi,as title, cancelled u/l calls boost 9 Sep and have a confirmation email of this date (can pm if required), but boost charge still included in October’s bill.Please can this be cancelled accordingly and account adjusted in respect.Many thanksM

Montana by Super Duper Contributor
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Call Boost Setting Missing From Account

The call boost setting is missing from my account. I want this removed and the charge for this month removed from my bill. When I tried to login a few hours ago I was met with a system maintenance message, please try later. Now that I can login the c...

JrmyWtsn by Popular Poster
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