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Fast Broadband and Fibre 150 Dual Package

My Fibre 65 contract was due for renewal on 2 May. I contacted TalkTalk and was offered Dual Package consisting of Fast Broadband and upgrade to Fibre 150. I agreed and received emails and pdf files confirming the contracts.However the upgrade to Fib...

jimboy26 by Popular Poster
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Full Fibre not gone live on live date

Signed up for Full Fibre 150, due to go live today but nothing yet. Eero 6 is showing a solid blue light but keeps saying it can't reach the internet. I've tried rebooting, switching it off for a while etc. Any other tricks I can try?

Was disconnected

For no apparent reason 3 weeks ago on saturday lunchtime your turned off my Internet and after being pushed from one person to another to another and going round in circles for over 5 hours I told talk talk to cancel my contract and I cancelled my di...

Harvey8 by First Timer
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Bad or no service

Had trouble for months with connection issues, service always disconnecting, Used Wi-Fi and also used a wired connection, still made no difference, Used our own mobile internet service provider, Switched to Virgin Media on 22/12/2023, No more issues ...

Landline Issues and refund .

You seem unable to install our UPGRADE. You have now chargesd for two months of landline £16 per month while the line remains disconnected by OpenReach. You have now given a new appointment for March 5th. I wish a REFUND of the rental. ALL PERSONAL I...

Lorawadd by First Timer
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Why am I still restricted for all services after payment has been paid? When will restrictions be lifted?


Hi there, I closed my direct debit account in December and made a due payment using my new bank account. I can't seem to change my account details to the new bank account, but my profile says the payment was 'paid'. I have received an email saying th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cancel my contract

I have just paid £135 outstanding balance my contract ends inFebruary I do not wish to get reconnected as I have not used talk talk broadband for about four months I wish to end the contract as I've had problems and you have not sorted them that is w...

Turning off my broadband by a talk talk agent on live chat

I'm devastated, I'm moving homes in less than three weeks so I wanted to move my talk talk service to a new address, I decided to use a chat to do that and after setting it up I noticed my broadband was gone and router flashed with red light. I conne...

Aleks90 by First Timer
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No connection

Hello I moved to a different property in March talktalk have never been able to connect me to in september I went thro cedr but they kept changing the timelines with no results I was offered a settlement that I accepted which again they havnt stuck t...

Being evicted from property

Hello I'm being evicted from the property I'm told that bailiff will evicted me on the 28 Jan 2024 how do I close my account down for that date please I don't want my Landlord having my internet ect

MandiD29 by First Timer
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Service Suspension

To Whom It May Concern,I have only been a broadband customer for a short period of time (about a decade) so I shouldn't expect much.I have connections at two separate addresses in the same town. My account has always been paid by an automatic debit t...

Duiker by Chatterbox
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Refund for loss of service

On Monday the 24th of July my broadband died.After contacting a VERY unhelpful person the response i got was " we will not replace any equipment".The following day i spoke to another VERY helpful person who deduced that the power supply for the route...

Mally4 by Team Player
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DWP contract issues

Hi, this may be a little long winded and confusing I apologise in advance. I am currently on the 6 months fee broadband scheme with the DWP and TalkTalk. I have received a couple of emails informing me, that my 6 months is over and that I need to acc...

Just posting a recent review of the nightmare of talktalk

Where do I start with this review. It has to be as long as it is because there has been SO many issues with this company, just looking and seeing the words Talktalk fill me with dread and anxiety. I have asked them to ban me from their services so if...

Luketams by Participant
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Advice of takeover from BT

Hi I am wanting to move my TalkTalk full fibre to BT to be merged with an existing BT landline service. I have placed two orders with BT so far but the orders failed, according to BT advisers, because TalkTalk is not ceasing my service. I would like ...

No Service New contract issues

Hi TTalkI switched to BT because I was fed up with being charged £12.50 late payment fee when I had already pushed the date back TTalk cut my internet service and forced me to pay the £12.50. TTalk rang me an offered me a 12 month contract 9 months (...

tyro386 by Whizz Kid
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Fibre line assigned to wrong address

Hello all I’m writing to you as I have no where else to go, I have been without internet for a month now with no sight of a light at the end of the tunnel. It all started when my provider at the time TalkTalk cancelled my Internet because someone con...

Stuiee by Chatterbox
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Fibre 35 Price Hike

Why are new customers being offered Fibre 35 for £25 per month, when I am already paying £27.41 per month (in contact until 24/06) and that is set to rise to over £35.36 per month. Either Talk Talk makes it easy to retain me as a customer, else I wil...

Restrictions on account

I need help I had a restriction put on my account as didn’t pay my bill on time but I’ve paid it in full two days ago and gone in circles with the online chats and on the phone past two days to be told the same old and no that the back office need to...

Zarab1 by Chatterbox
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