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Monthly bill charges

Dear TalkTalk team, Find the attached files for my account number and all. Please tell me that, new package cost per month for fibre 65 (file attached) showing 23.50 pound, then why it's 27.27 pound per month for me (file attached). Waiting for your ...

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Talk talk voucher

Not sure if I put this in the right section but I haven't received a voucher code and it's almost been 3 months. I was told over the phone it would be 1 month. I have digged through emails. Thanks

New contract starting before old one runs out!!!!

Talk Talk gave me the chance to renew my contract when the old one runs out which I agreed to, BUT why do they start the new one BEFORE the old one does run out this is a con stealing days that remain on the old contract. Just another way of TALK TAL...

shezza2 by Popular Poster
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My Future Fibre order has disappeared

I was due to get Future Fibre installed yesterday but due to Storm Barra, the Openreach engineers couldn't connect me. When I looked at my account today, I discovered that my Future Fibre order has disappeared from my account. The only service listed...

fibre35 gone need to change to fttp!

needed to renew my contract, but not allowed to continue on fibre 35 because fttp has been put in the street so need to upgrade to futurefibre150 "NOT A PROBLEM" went through it all with TTCS and some one will phone to conduct upgrade to my premises....

navek by Team Player
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Restricted services

I had a message to tell me my services have been restricted I’ve had a payment extension accepted till 19th and my internets still restricted has anyone else had this issues .

Remove cease for new owner

I have just sold my house and cancelled my Talktalk account, however the new owners cannot connect with a new supplier because there is a cease on the line which runs until 18th October. How can the cease be moved forward to today?

Andrec by Popular Poster
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Sudden Slow sync... Again.

3 days ago my Sync Speed read from the Router dropped from 52/20 to 43/16. I've tried the usual router reboots, the router is the only thing connected directly to the master socket (no extensions). A bit of history on my issues...I'm not sure why but...

EZTutty by Team Player
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Amazon tech pack

Hey guys, I joined a few months ago now and have heard nothing about my tech pack (which I paid extra for). Does anyone have an idea on when I should be getting the voucher? thank you

why did you disconnect me?

I canceled Direct Debit twice. I paid my bills online on time. I'm still getting emails for my payment to be made. Please check my payments fully. I asked the online chat for help, but they left the chat unfinished.

No access to account at all despite requests

Hi all, been with Talktalk now a few weeks with Future Fibre but to date despite numerous chats and calls am still unable to access my account. I've done the usual clear cache , changed passwords several times but alas nowt. My email address works as...

No reference number and e-mail about order

Hi, around 2 weeks ago I have ordered broadband and I haven’t received any e-mail that I placed an order or reference number. Date of package arrival should be today 14th but still haven’t received anything. I’m wondering did I really ordered broadba...


I’ve been restricted due to being furloughed so I couldn’t pay my bill. I can pay it Friday so I’ve done the struggle to pay thing till then. I’ve done this online at 8pm tonight. Will my restrictions automatically be lifted or will I have to wait to...

Second phone line?

Hi, I joined talk talk and it went live today April 23rd. When I enquired about getting the service I made it clear that there was already an isp in my home and asked if it was possible to have another one put it, in which they said a new line could ...

Zac18 by Chatterbox
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Trying to view and pay my bill but I can't!!!

Hi everyone, For several days now I've not been able to either view or pay my bill, on desktop or mobile. Not able to get hold of anyone on chat...can someone tell me what's wrong? I won't be paying any late charges!!

chosen by Popular Poster
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Useless service on fibre 35

Wondering how I can cancel without them charging me the earth to do so I’m 2 days over the 20 day period due to having to wait for their engineers to come out and ‘fix’ the fault which has not been done we are not getting internet at home at all, so ...

Alex1992 by First Timer
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cancellation date

my cancellation date is the 19th of April can this be extended till the 26th April please